Dr Nadege Bault

Dr Nadege Bault

Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)


Lecturer in Psychology



PhD in Neuroscience and Cognition, University of Lyon, France                  
Master in Cognitive Science, University of Lyon, France

Professional experience

  • 2014-2019 Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Italy
    Funded by the ERC
  • 2012-2014 Postdoctoral Fellow - Gate Lyon Saint-Etienne, CNRS UMR 5824, France
    Funded by the French National Research Agency ANR
    Guest researcher - CREED, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2010-2012 Postdoctoral Fellow
    Cognitive Science Centre Amsterdam (CSCA);
    Centre for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision Making (CREED); University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Funded by the University of Amsterdam (research priority program)

Professional membership

Society for Neuroeconomics

Teaching interests

Cognitive & Social Psychology
Cognitive & Social Neuroscience

Research interests

  • Neural mechanisms of decision making
  • Value-based decision making and motivated behavior
  • Social preferences, prosocial and competitive behaviors
  • Reinforcement learning in a social environment

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

  • Ben Timberlake - PhD in cognitive science, University of Trento (co-supervision). Thesis defended in July 2019
  • Maximilian Hoyer - PhD in economics, University of Amsterdam (co-supervision). Doctoral Thesis defended in March 2018

Key publications are highlighted

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Bault N, Fahrenfort JJ, Pelloux B, Ridderinkhof KR & van Winden F 2017 'An affective social tie mechanism: Theory, evidence, and implications' Journal of Economic Psychology 61, 152-175 , DOI PEARL
Bault N, Wydoodt P & Coricelli G 2016 'Different Attentional Patterns for Regret and Disappointment: An Eye-tracking Study' Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 29, (2-3) 194-205 , DOI PEARL
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