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Mr Matthew Fox

Visiting Specialist

School of Health Professions (NC) (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences (NC))


BA (Hons), Dip Arch, MSc, PhD

Professional membership

Architects Registration Board (ARB)

Research interests

Thermography, Architecture, Building Physics, Environmental building design

Published journal papers:

Fox, M., Coley, D., Goodhew, S. & Wilde, P. d. (2014) 'Thermography methodologies for detecting energy related building defects'. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 40 pp 296 - 310.

Fox, M., Coley, D., Goodhew, S. & De Wilde, P. (2015) 'Time-lapse thermography for building defect detection'. Energy and Buildings, 92 (0). pp 95-106.

Conference papers:

Fox, M., Coley, D., Goodhew, S. & Wilde, P. d. (2012) 'Comparing Transient Simulation with Thermography Time Series'. Building Simulation and Optimization Conference. Loughborough, UK: 10 - 11th September IBPSA England, pp 8. 

Garmston,H., Fox, M., Pan, W. & Wilde, P. d. (2013) 'Multi-storey building retrofit with a focus on the façade selection process: a UK commercial office case study'. 29th Annual Association Of Researchers In Construction Management Conference. Reading, UK: 2-4 September 2013, pp 81-90.

Other publications:

Goodhew,J., Fox, M., Boomsma, C., Pahl, S. & Goodhew, S. (2013) 'Thermal Imaging Cornwall 2013'. Cornwall Together Phase II. Plymouth: Plymouth University. 47.



Other academic activities

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