Dr Matthew Fox

Dr Matthew Fox

Lecturer CobBauge

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Matthew is a lecturer and researcher in sustainable architecture at the University of Plymouth. Joining in 2012 to undertake a PhD, Matthew has developed a wealth of expertise in cob construction, thermal imaging and transient in-situ thermal analysis.

Some of Matthew’s research projects have included participating in the eViz project, undertaking thermal imaging inspections of over 300 homes in the south west to understand how residents could be motivated to undertake home improvements, monitoring the effects of hospital ward temperatures on patient health and recovery, and more recently Matthew has been working to develop a new, more thermally efficient form of cob (earth) construction through the European Interreg funded CobBauge project. 

Alongside his academic work, Matthew also works as a practicing architect. Specialising in sustainable architecture using natural building materials. A recent project is the completion of the UK's first CobBauge building on the campus of the University of Plymouth. This building has put into practice the research developed during the Interreg CobBauge project and paves the way for future CobBauge buildings. 


BA (Hons), Dip Arch, MSc, PhD

Professional membership

ARB, the Architects Registration Board

BINDT the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing - Category 2 Thermographer

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy



Teaching interests

Building Performance Evaluation (BPE). In particular thermal imaging and in-situ methods of thermal measurement.

Natural Building materials. Especially timber and earth construction.

Low energy sustainable architecture.



Research interests

Thermography, Architecture, Building Performance Evaluation, Environmental building design, CobBauge project.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted


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Conference Papers

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Presentations and posters
Fox M, Goodhew J, Boomsma C, Goodhew S & Pahl S Fox M, Goodhew J, Boomsma C, Goodhew S & Pahl S 'Lessons on visual feedback from the eViz Project: The evidence for using thermal images as a visual intervention' Open access