Mr Matthew Fox

Mr Matthew Fox

Research Fellow

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


BA (Hons), Dip Arch, MSc, PhD

Professional membership

Architects Registration Board (ARB)

Research interests

Thermography, Architecture, Building Physics, Environmental building design

Key publications are highlighted

Goodhew S, Duthie J, Shirreff H, Riddlestone P, Metcalfe J, Latour J & Fox M 2019 'Hospital Ward Temperatures Related to Hypothermic Risk in Orthopaedic Patients' Building Research and Information: the international journal of research, development and demonstration , DOI PEARL
Fox M, Goodhew S & De Wilde P 2016 'Building defect detection: External versus internal thermography' Building and Environment 105, 317-331 , DOI PEARL
Fox M, Coley D, Goodhew S & De Wilde P 2015 'Time-lapse thermography for building defect detection' Energy and Buildings 92, 95-106 , DOI PEARL
Fox M, Coley D, Goodhew S & de Wilde P 2014 'Thermography methodologies for detecting energy related building defects' Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 40, 296-310 , DOI PEARL
Conference Papers
Garmston H, Fox M, Pan W & De Wilde P 2013 'Multi-storey building retrofit with a focus on the Fa├žade selection process: A UK commercial office case study' 81-90
Fox M, Coley D, De Wilde P & Goodhew SMR 2012 'COMPARING TRANSIENT SIMULATION WITH THERMOGRAPHY TIME SERIES' First Building Simulation and Optimization Conference Loughborough 01/09/2012 PEARL
Fox M, Goodhew J, Boomsma C, Goodhew S & Pahl S Fox M, Goodhew J, Boomsma C, Goodhew S & Pahl S 0 'Lessons on visual feedback from the eViz Project: The evidence for using thermal images as a visual intervention' 0 0 PEARL

Other academic activities

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