Dr Mahrukh Mirza

Dr Mahrukh Mirza

Lecturer in Clinical Education

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



I am currently working as a Lecturer in Clinical Education (Medical School, Faculty of Health). I teach on the following 4 programmes:

  • Masters in Clinical Education
  • Masters in Clinical Science
  • Masters in Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation
  • Masters in Global and Remote Healthcare

My research interest is focused on looking into the impact of technologies in reducing the inequalities within Health and education. Furthermore also looking into how the use and adoption of technologies is influenced by prevailing cultural norms within local and national communities.

I am the Co-Chair of the Racial Equality Charter 



Professional membership

Fellow - Higher Education Academy

Member - Association of Learning Technology, UK



Teaching interests

Module Lead:

CLE 713: Contemporary Issues in Clinical Education
CLE 723: Technology Enhanced Learning
PDD 721: Project Design, Development and Knowledge Transfer
CST 711: Clinical Specialism
CLE 731: Research Design

Course Tutor
CLE 711: Principles of Learning and Teaching in Clinical Education
CLE 712: Assessment, Feedback and Evaluation: Principles and Practices 

Academic Tutor (BMBS)

Student Selected Component (SSC) Facilitator for the Module 'Medicine in Society'.



Research interests

Educational Technology: The changing nature of teaching and learning in response to the pervasive use of new technologies/social media in formal and informal settings; Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Web 2.0 and social networking, cultural dimensions of distance learning in Global/International education environments, culturally responsive teaching and assessment, instructional design, e-Learning pedagogy and cognitive consequences of technology mediated learning.

Digital Health:  Usability, user experience and effectiveness of technologies in Health and Social Care, Telemedicine, Wearable technology Augmented and virtual reality, Computational simulations, Mobile health etc.

Grants & contracts

E-health Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall & Scilly - Phase 2 (EU ERDF), £4M (2020-23) 

Healthy Ageing through Innovation in Rural Europe (Interreg, EU), £4.5M (2020-22) [£440k]

RegsWizard - Simplifying the Complex World of Medical Device Regulation – SBRI £438k (2021-22)

Transitions Service - SBRI – Healthy Ageing Social Ventures feasibility studies £49k (2022)

DES Award: Integrating Digital Health into the UG Medical Curriculum (2020)

Women's Digital Care Record (WDCR) - SWAHSN (2019)

A review of the current procedures for the Recognition of Medical Specialties with an appraisal of potential enhancement options - Funded by medical Council Ireland (£35,000) (2016)

Cognitive analysis of students’ Digital Learning Environment use: A human computer interaction study to enhance online modelling of spiral curricula - DES Award (£8,550) (2015)



Conference Papers

Chatterjee A, Mirza M, Seymour E & Toms N (2016) 'Student Perceptions towards Responseware in a Team Based Learning setting' ALT Annual Conference 2016 Warwick

Smith. S, Mirza, M and Rowe, J. (2013) Not missing a trick: using an appreciative inquiry approach to improve feedback processes in postgraduate medical education at PUPSMD

Chatterjee A & Mirza M (2012) 'Enhancing Self Regulated Learning skills for improved PLE use: A Problem Based Learning approach' Personal Learning Environment Conference Aveiro, Portugal Aveiro Publisher Site

Mirza M & Chatterjee A (2012) 'The impact of culture on personalization of learning environments: Some theoritical insights' Personal Learning Environment Conference Aveiro, Portugal Aveiro Publisher Site 

M.Mirza, C.W.Stokes, G.Cannavina (2007). Teachers' perspective of e-learning in a School of Clinical Dentistry. International Association for Dental Research, Thessaloniki, Greece. Sept 2007

M.Mirza, C.W.Stokes, G.Cannavina, K.Marks. (2007). Problems in a multicultural class – is e-learning the solution? International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Valencia, Spain. March 2007

M.Mirza, C.W.Stokes, G.Cannavina. (2006). Learner’s perspective of e-learning. Australian Computers in Education Conference, Cairns, Australia. Oct, 2006

M.Mirza, C.W.Stokes, G.Cannavina. (2006). Developing and Evaluating e-learning Strategies. Web-based Inter-professional Learning Network Conference, Sheffield, U.K. July 2006

C.W. Stokes, A.Chatterjee, M.Mirza, K.Pahinis. (2006). Towards a wider assessment of student readiness for blended Learning Program, Krakow, ADEE, Poland, 2006.


Health Education E (2020) Women’s Digital Care Record report. Health Education England Publisher Site Open access

Review of the current procedures for the Recognition of Medical Specialties with an appraisal of potential enhancement options (2016)

Evaluation report (2010): Around an inspiring virtual learning world in eighty days. Deliverable D19.3, European Commission. Seventh Framework Programme. 



Other academic activities

Nominated by the Government of India for Commonwealth Scholarship 2002-2003 (U.K) for Masters in Computer Science.