Dr Louise Hunt

Dr Louise Hunt

Post Doctoral Research Fellow (Public Health Nutrition/Dietetics)

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)



Louise Hunt has a strong interest in public health nutrition, completing her PhD at the Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Nurture Unit (MAINN), University of Central Lancashire.

Currently (from April 2021) Research Fellow working with Dr Clare Pettinger (Plymouth work package) for FoodSEqual, 5 year national consortium project led by University of Reading (Chief investigator Professor Carol Wagstaff) 'Co-production of healthy, sustainable food systems for disadvantaged communities'. £6million funded by UK Research and Innovations (UKRI) Strategic Priorities fund.

Originally a Nurse, Louise has also worked for a small third sector breastfeeding peer support organisation. This involved leading and managing breastfeeding peer support projects. Louise’s interest in peer support developed from her experience of establishing and developing breastfeeding peer support in her local area. This led to postgraduate studies exploring access to peer support and the ways in which third sector organisations have developed peer support services for areas of deprivation.

Louise also has experience of research consultancy work and lecturing.


  • PhD, University of Central Lancashire, School of Community Health and Midwifery, 2016–2020.
  • MSc by Research, University of Central Lancashire, School of Health, 2012–2014.
  • BSc Biological Sciences, 2:1 Hons, University of Leicester,1994–1997.
  • Diploma in Adult Nursing, University of Plymouth,1997–2000 (no longer registered).



Research interests

Public Health Nutrition with particular interest in community-based research. My research interests include food systems transformation and breastfeeding peer support.

Research groups




Hunt, L., Thomson, G., Whittaker, K., & Dykes, F. (2021). Non-profit breastfeeding organisations' peer support provision in areas of socio-economic deprivation in the UK: A meta-ethnography. Maternal & Child Nutrition, e13271. https://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.13271 HUNT ET AL. 13 of 13 2022 18:e13271. https://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.13271

Hunt, L., Thomson, G., Whittaker, K., & Dykes, F. (2020) Adapting breastfeeding support in areas of socio-economic deprivation: a case study approach. International Journal for Equity in Health.

Hunt, L., & Thomson, G. (2016). Pressure and judgement within a dichotomous landscape of infant feeding: A grounded theory study to explore why breastfeeding women do not access peer support provision. Maternal and Child Nutrition. 13(2). doi: 10.1111/mcn.12279

Conference Papers

Hunt L, Thomson G, Whittaker K, Dykes F (2020) Engagement with the health inequalities agenda: How have UK third sector breastfeeding support organisations developed their services for delivery in areas of socio-economic deprivation? MAINN Conference proceedings. Maternal and Child Nutrition 16 (S1), p.28. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/mcn.12933

Hunt L, Thomson G, Whittaker K, Dykes F (2018) How have United Kingdom national third sector breastfeeding organisations implemented breastfeeding peer support interventions in areas of socio-economic deprivation? MAINN Conference Proceedings. Maternal and Child Nutrition, 14, S2, p.31. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/mcn.12587

Other Publications

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