Dr Louise Alldridge

Dr Louise Alldridge

Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences (Education)

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)


Academic Lead Cell and Molecular Biology

Widening Participation Lead
Senior Academic Tutor


BSc (hons) Biology MA Learning and Teaching PhD Cell biology

Dr Louise Alldridge joined PUPSMD in 2013 where she is the Senior Academic Tutor, lead for Widening Participation and discipline lead for cell and molecular biology. Prior to this she was employed at Griffith University School of Medicine, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia , from April 2008, where she was Academic Lead for Equity and Selection, Assessment and Indigenous Health. She obtained her PhD in Cell Biology from The University of Essex in 1992. Her research track record is firmly based in translational research into medical conditions such as Endotoxaemia, Leukaemia and more recently Breast Cancer with over 20 peer reviewed publications and is on peer review committees for several international journals. She has been involved in undergraduate Medical, Veterinary and Nursing education since 1987 at Essex University, Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University. She recently completed a Masters in Learning and Teaching and is now developing a research portfolio in medical education. 



Professional membership

·        British Society for Immunology

·        Biochemical Society

·        Higher Education Academy

·        Board of Directors of PMCQ

·        GAMSAT Memberof Policy Committee

·        UMAT andGAMSAT Member of Research Sub-Committee

·        UMAT Memberof Test Management Committee

  •      ANZAPHE

Staff serving as external examiners

Essex University Thesis Examiner

Griffith University Thesis Examiner
Queensland University of Technology Thesis Examiner

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Reports & invited lectures

  • Invited speaker, BBSRC Stem Cell Research conference at Oxford University 1994
    • Invited speaker Griffith University/Gold Coast Hospital Medical research Conference, Surfers Paradise 2010
    • Invited speaker LIME conference Auckland, NZ 2011
    • Invited speaker International Immunohistochemistry Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, 2012
    • Invited Speaker ANZAPHE 2014
    • Invited Speaker Widening Participation Conference Manchester University 2016

    Other academic activities

    Conference presentations

    • Invited speaker, BBSRC Stem Cell Research conference at Oxford University 1994
    • British Society for Immunology in 1994, 1996, 2000, 2002

    ·       International Endotoxin Society, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1998. and in Paris 2000.

    ·       The Annexin Conference, Banff, Canada2003

    ·       The Gordon Cancer research conferenceRhode Island 2004

    • RCN Annual Conference, Birmingham. 2005
    • San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference,  San Antonio Texas. 2006
    • Invited to be a founder member of the Mammary Gland Proteomic Initiative 2006
    • HUPO Amsterdam 2008
    • HUPO Sydney 2010
    • Invited speaker Griffith University/Gold Coast Hospital Medical research Conference, Surfers Paradise 2010
    • Invited speaker LIME conference Auckland, NZ 2011
    • Invited speaker International Immunohistochemistry Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, 2012
    • Medical selection as the first assessment in Professionalism ANZAPHE Conference Gold Coast, Australia, 2014
    • Invited Speaker Widening Participation Manchester University 2016