Kathy Baker

Kathy Baker

Honorary Lecturer in MSc in Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Biology

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Education and research Officer at Wild Planet Trust (Newquay Zoo)


2006 - 2012 PhD Cross species comparisons of primate personality and implications for captive management, University of Exeter
2004 – 2005 MSc Zoo Conservation Biology, University of Plymouth
2001 – 2004 BSc (Hons) Zoology, Liverpool John Moores University

Professional membership

Primate Society of Great Britain

Roles on external bodies

Committee member of SHAPE—UK-Ireland, the regional division of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc.



Teaching interests

Animal personality 

Zoo animal health, welfare and management 
Applied psychology 
Primate behaviour and conservation 



Research interests

My research focus covers a wide range of behaviour and welfare related topics. In particular cross species comparisons of animal personality, the evaluation of personality as a management tool for captive animals, and multi-institutional research to inform management practices for captive animals




Baker, K., Lea, S. and Melfi, V. 2013. Personality assessment of three species of captive monkey Macaca nigra,Macaca sylvanus, and Saimiri sciureus: cross-species comparisons of primate personality. International Journal of Primatology. 36(3): 625-646

Baker, K. R. and Pullen, P. K. 2013. The impact of housing and husbandry on the personality of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus). The Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research. 1: 35-40

Baker, K., Pankhurst, S., and Walter, O. 2013. Behavioural Profiling. Ed. K. Baker. In: Bishop, J., Hosey, G. and Plowman, A. (Eds.) 2013. Handbook of Zoo Research, Guidelines for Conducting Research in Zoos. London. BIAZA. pp 119-133.

Baker, K. and Melfi, V. 2010. An overview of carcass feeding: health, behaviour and public perception. Zoo Research News BIAZA Research Group Newsletter 11.3, supplement



Conferences organised

Regional Environmental Enrichment Conferences (one every two years since 2006)

Other academic activities

I teach on a range of courses through Cornwall College Newquay; BSc Applied Zoology, FdSc Animal Behaviour and Psychology, FdSc Zoological Conservation and FdSc Wildlife Education and Media.