Dr Judith Rowbotham

Dr Judith Rowbotham

Visiting Research Professor

School of Law, Criminology and Government (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

As a Visiting Research Fellow, my role is to work with, and where required to advise and mentor, staff at Plymouth University drawing on my established expertise across the fields of history, law and criminology in particular.


My PhD was in the field of British political imperial history ('Edward Knatchbull Hugessen, 1st Lord Brabourne, and the British Empire, c1868-1893', Lampeter, University of Wales, 1982); and my BA (Hons) in History was also from Lampeter. Formerly Reader in Criminal Justice Studies at Nottingham Trent University (1992-2013), I am now an independent scholar and Visiting Research Fellow at Plymouth University, as well as a Director of SOLON: Promoting Interdisciplinary Studies in Law, Crime and History

Professional membership

Fellow, Royal Society of Arts Fellow, Royal Historical Society

Research interests

After a period at SOAS, my research interests shifted focus, and I became a social and cultural historian focusing on the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in particular, and began to establish myself as a specialist in the use of printed materials as a source for historians and for wider scholarly research. In 1989, I published Good Girls Make Good Wives, on the basis of my examination of the didactic literature written for girls c1840-1907. Subsequently I became interested in the propaganda literature written by the Foreign Missionary movement of the nineteenth century, and the presentation of stereotypes of empire etc through that. In 1999, I began to work with Kim Stevenson, and together, we founded the SOLON Consortium. My research focus consequently shifted to 'bad' behaviour, and I began to develop my interdisciplinary credentials as a lawyer and criminologist as well as a historian of crime. Law breaking, especially 'every day' offending and its reportage in the media remains my key research focus, but in addition, my expertise as a British political historian has ensured I have retained an interest in constitutional history and as a parallel to this, in the social history of the monarchy and the royal family. I have also worked on issues of Victorian nutrition and health.


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