Dr John White

Dr John White

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer)

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Associate Professor in Marketing


PhD Corporate Strategy / Marketing; BA (Hons) Marketing; Diploma in Marketing Research

Professional membership

Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing

Member of American Marketing Association  
Certified Member of Market Research Society
Member of Institute of Direct Marketing
Member of D&AD (Design and Art Direction)

Roles on external bodies

Deputy Senior Examiner for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  2000 - 2010

Teaching interests

Introduction to / Fundamentals of Marketing courses; Contemporary Issues in Marketing, and Marketing Communications (incl. direct marketing and advertising).

Recent professional / short course delivery has included a short course on Marketing for Libraries for the Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals (CILIP), as well as continued involvement in the delivery of the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Professional Diploma and Professional Postgraduate Diploma programmes.

Staff serving as external examiners

External Examiner for Cass Business School - City University London (BSc Business Studies) 2008 - 2013

External examiner for the University of Huddersfield (MSc Marketing and MSc Marketing Management) 2004 - 2008

Research interests

Principal research interests consist of agri-food supply chains, and marketing activity in Eastern Europe. Brand building and management. Retro-branding. See below for recent publications.

Grants & contracts

EU Framework 7 theme 2 (Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology) grant (2008-2011). Project title: FOCUS-BALKANS - Food consumer science in the Balkans: frameworks, protocols and networks for a better knowledge of food behaviours. Grant number: 212579. Grant value: 2.16 million euros.

EU INTAS Research Grant (2005 - 2007): Supporting the International Development of the Commonwealth of Independent States Agricultural Sector , 98,480 Euros.  INTAS2004-6928.

Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (2005), Development of the European Agri-food Markets: Impact on Producers, Consumers and Perspectives, $5,000.  EFT174706.

World Bank Research Grant (2004): Vertical co-ordination in ECA agri-food chains as an engine of private sector development: Implications for Policy and Bank Bank Operations.  $13, 500.  EW-P084034-ESW-BB.

EU INTAS Research grant (2000-2003):  Supply Chain Management and Contractual Relationships in Transitional Food Industries, 60,000 Euros.  INTAS99-00753.

Key publications are highlighted

Angell RJ, Gorton M, Bottomley P & White J 2016 'Understanding fans' responses to the sponsor of a rival team' EUROPEAN SPORT MANAGEMENT QUARTERLY 16, (2) 190-213 Author Site , DOI PEARL
Angell R, Gorton M, Sauer J, Bottomley P & White J 2016 'Don't Distract Me When I'm Media Multitasking:Toward a Theory for Raising Advertising Recall and Recognition' JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING 45, (2) 198-210 Author Site , DOI PEARL
Gorton M, Angell R, Dries L, Urutyan V, Jackson E & White J 2015 'Power, buyer trustworthiness and supplier performance: Evidence from the Armenian dairy sector' INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT 50, 69-77 Author Site , DOI PEARL
Dries L, Gorton M, Urutyan V & White J 2014 'Supply chain relationships, supplier support programmes and stimulating investment: evidence from the Armenian dairy sector' SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 19, (1) 98-107 Author Site , DOI
White JE, Osmani F & Gorton M 2013 'Agricultural households, poverty and the rural labour market in Kosovo' Post-Communist Economies 25, (2) 241-252 , DOI
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White JE, Filipovic J, Gorton M, Ognjanov G, Stojanovic Z & Brecic R 2013 'A Qualitative Approach to Understanding Brand Image in an International Context: insights from Croatia and Serbia' International Marketing Review 30, (4) 275-296 , DOI
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FOCUS-BALKANS - Food Consumer Science in the Balkans  http://www.focus-balkans.org

INTAS Funded Research Project - Supporting the International Development of the CIS Agricultural Sector (SIDCISA)  http://www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/matthew.gorton/cisproject.html

INTAS funded research project - Agri-food Industry Restructuring in Ukraine and Moldova (AFIRUM) http://www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/matthew.gorton/afirum.html