Professor Jocey Quinn

Professor Jocey Quinn

Professor of Education

Plymouth Institute of Education - School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Professor Jocey Quinn can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Education
  • NEETs
  • Youth
  • Informal learning
  • Universities
  • Social justice
  • Lifelong learning and Dementia
  • Arts and health
  • Ethnography
  • Observational methods
  • Participatory action research
  • Qualitative research


Professor of Education


  • PhD Educational Research, Lancaster University (ESRC award)
  • PGCEA (Majoring in Higher Education), University of Surrey 
  • MA Area Studies: USA, University College, London (DES award)
  • BA Hons English, University of Liverpool

Professional membership

  • AERA
  • BSA
  • GEA

Roles on external bodies

Editorial Board
  • Gender and Education
  • Policy Futures in Education
  • Journal of Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning



Research interests

Education and Culture

Learning outside Formal Education

Post-compulsory Education and Training

Comparative Higher Education

HE curriculum and feminist ideas

Grants & contracts

Current externally funded projects

2015–2017 Arts Council Research Grants Programme, Beyond Words, principal investigator

2014–2016 British Academy, The Significance and Survival of Tent City University, principal investigator

2014–2016 Erasmus+, PrevDrop, Preventing student drop out from Higher Education or facilitating successful switching to Vocational Education and Training, co-investigator

Selected Previous Funded Projects

2013–2015 Council of Europe, Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, principal investigator

2013–2016 Campaign for National Parks, Mosaic Youth Project, principal investigator 

2011–2013 ESRC New Perspectives on Education and Culture, principal investigator

2012 Equality Challenge Unit, Women's Mentoring in Higher Education, principal investigator

2009–2010 Equality Challenge Unit, Equality issues in student work placements in the Arts and Cultural Sector, principal investigator

2007–2008 DIUS International synthesis of widening participation initiatives, principal investigator

2006–2008 EU/Learning and Skills Council/Connexions Young people in jobs without training in South West England, principal investigator

2006 ESRC Backward and Forward Linkages between universities and communities, co-applicant

2003–2005 Joseph Rowntree Foundation Rethinking working class drop out from Higher Education, principal investigator

2003–2004 Learning and Skills Research Council, Learning Brokerage Research Project, co-applicant

2002–2003 Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, International retention in HE project, co-applicant

2002–2004 ESRC Problematising Methodology in Access Research, principal investigator

2002 DfES Supporting Retention of Non-Traditional Students in HE (Traynor Report), co-applicant

2001 HEFCE Evaluation of widening participation partnerships, co-applicant

1997–2000 ESRC Powerful Subjects: women students, subjectivity and the HE curriculum, PhD studentship



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Quinn J (2023) 'Learning and gender in everyday life' Studies in the Education of Adults , DOI Open access
Quinn J (2021) 'A humanist university in a posthuman world: relations, responsibilities, and rights' British Journal of Sociology of Education , DOI Open access
Quinn J, Blandon C & Batson A (2019) 'Living Beyond Words: post-human reflections on making music with post-verbal people' Arts & Health 13, (1) 73-86 , DOI Open access
Quinn J (2017) 'Respecting young people’s informal learning: Circumventing strategic policy evasions' Policy Futures in Education 147821031773622-147821031773622 , DOI Open access
Quinn J & Blandon C (2017) 'The potential for lifelong learning in dementia: a post-humanist exploration' International Journal of Lifelong Education 1-17 , DOI Open access
Quinn J (2013) 'Theorising learning and nature: post-human possibilities and problems' GENDER AND EDUCATION 25, (6) 738-753 , DOI
Allen K, Quinn J, Hollingworth S & Rose A (2013) 'Becoming employable students and 'ideal' creative workers: exclusion and inequality in higher education work placements' BRITISH JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION 34, (3) 431-452 , DOI
Quinn J (2012) 'New Learning Worlds?: the significance of nature in the lives of marginalised young people' Discourse:Cultural politics of Education 34, (5) Author Site , DOI
Holdsworth C & Quinn J (2012) 'The Epistemological Challenge of Higher Education Student Volunteering: "Reproductive" or "Deconstructive" Volunteering?' ANTIPODE 44, (2) 386-405 , DOI
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Quinn J (2009) 'Many more rivers to cross: women and higher education' Gender and Education 21, (3) 337-341 , DOI
Quinn J, Thomas L, Slack K, Casey L, Thexton W & Noble J (2006) 'Lifting the hood: lifelong learning and young, white, provincial working‐class masculinities' British Educational Research Journal 32, (5) 735-750 , DOI
Quinn J (2005) 'Belonging in a learning community: The re-imagined university and imagined social capital' Studies in the Education of Adults 37, (1) 4-17 , DOI
Quinn * J (2004) 'Mothers, learners and countermemory' Gender and Education 16, (3) 365-378 , DOI
Quinn J (2004) 'Understanding working-class 'drop-out' from higher education through a sociocultural lens: Cultural narratives and local contexts' International Studies in Sociology of Education 14, (1) 57-74 , DOI
Quinn J (2003) 'The Dynamics of the Protected Space: Spatial concepts and women students' British Journal of Sociology of Education 24, (4) 449-461 , DOI
Quinn J (2023) Invisible Education. Routledge , DOI
Quinn J & Blandon C (2020) Lifelong Learning and Dementia: A Posthumanist Perspective. Palgrave Pivot , DOI Open access
Quinn J (2011) Learning Communities and Imagined Social Capital. Continuum
Quinn J (2023) 'Introduction' Invisible Education Routledge 1-17 , DOI
Quinn J (2023) 'Invisible Beings' Invisible Education Routledge 83-102 , DOI
Quinn J (2023) 'Invisible Communities' Invisible Education Routledge 103-111 , DOI
Quinn J (2023) 'Invisible Knowledges' Invisible Education Routledge 60-82 , DOI
Quinn J (2023) 'Invisible Others' Invisible Education Routledge 28-59 , DOI
Quinn J (2023) 'Social Mobility and Future Mutabilities' Invisible Education Routledge 18-27 , DOI
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(2014) 'The Entrepreneurial University' Palgrave Macmillan UK , DOI
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Conference Papers
Quinn J, Lawy R & Diment K (2008) '‘Dead end kids in dead end jobs’? Reshaping debates on young people in jobs without training' Informa UK Limited 185-194 , DOI
Quinn J (2004) 'The Corporeality of Learning: Women Students and the Body' Palgrave Macmillan UK 174-188 , DOI
Waite SJ, Blandon C & Quinn J (2014) Long term impacts of the Young Champion Experience with Exmoor National Park Authority.
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