Dr Joanna Haynes

Dr Joanna Haynes

Associate Professor in Education Studies

Plymouth Institute of Education - School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Dr Joanna Haynes can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Child philosophers
  • Teaching controversial subjects
  • Philosophy in schools


Research Leadership
Together with Professor Jocey Quinn I founded and coordinate the Adventures in Posthumanism network http://adventuresinposthum.wordpress.com/ 

Current MPhil/PhD/EdD Supervision

  • Lan Fang Lui's comparative case study of philosophy with children in a UK and a Taiwanese primary school. 
  • Nadeem Al Abdulla's study of non-formal education in Iraqi cultural centres in London.
  • Kevin Walker's study of active citizenship in education
  • Sally Charlesworth's study of art education in primary schools
  • Alison Beaman's study of literacy in early years of schooling
  • Sandra Abegglen's study on Higher Education Collaboration for Learning: Theorising Co-Creation and Partnership for Praxis
  • Alice Potter's study on the Experiences of Children with Lesbian or Gay parents in UK Schools


  • PhD University of Exeter
  • M.Ed University of Bristol
  • BA Hons Philosophy - University of Kent at Canterbury
  • PGCE Primary - Jordanhill College, Glasgow

Following undergraduate studies in Philosophy and a PGCE in primary teaching I began my work in education in 1976 working first as a classroom teacher in Glasgow and later as teacher of English as and Additional Language for Avon Education Authority. I was a Community Teacher at an inner city primary school and then took on the role of Advisory Teacher across East Bristol. I first became involved in initial teacher education and continuing professional development in the 1980s at Bristol University, University of West of England and Bath Spa University. I took up a full time post in teacher education in 1992 and transferred to Educational Studies in 1999. I joined Plymouth University in 2002. My current role involves research and academic leadership, postgraduate supervision and teaching.

I am an Associate of SAPERE (www.sapere.org.uk) and I have worked independently as a consultant, giving presentations and leading courses on teaching critical thinking, philosophy with children and ethical dilemma training across all phases of education, including higher education, both in the UK and internationally.

Professional membership

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of PESGB (Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain)  
  • Member of ICPIC (International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children)
  • Member of SAPERE (Society for Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry In Education)
  • member of BERA (British Educational Research Association)

Roles on external bodies

  • Member of Editorial Board: Childhood and Philosophy, Journal of International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children
  • Member of Editorial Board: The Journal of Philosophy in Schools



Teaching interests

Philosophical practices in education; equality and justice; democratic education; community and intra-generational learning; posthumanism and feminist new materialism; education and childhood; childism and children's philosophies; children's literature; educational research, practitioner enquiry and professional development.

Staff serving as external examiners

I have examined doctoral theses at University of Plymouth, University of Newcastle, University of Exeter, University of Wales, University of London, University of Roehampton, University of Bath Spa, Dublin City University, University of Queensland, Australia and University of Cape Town, SA.



Research interests

My practical and theoretical research is in philosophy of childhood and education; philosophy in schools; children's philosophies and childism; democratic, community and intra-generational learning. 


Other research

Currently acting as consultant on project funded by Government of the Azores titled 'I listen' 


Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Heather Knight

Gillen Motherway

Russell Shobrook

Rhiannon Love

Kevin Walker

Grants & contracts

2021 Appointed External Consultant for the research project escuto.te: vozes das infâncias entre a filosofia e a política, funded by the Azorean Government (Portugal) (M1.1.C/C.S./031/2021/01) and led by Professor Magda Costa Carvalho Teixeira.

2016-19     Project member Decolonising Early Childhood Discourses: a critical posthumanist orientation in higher education. A three-year project with Professor Karin Murris, University of Cape Town, funded by National Research Foundation of South Africa.

2016-18     Plymouth University Pedagogical Institute and Observatory (PEDRIO) funded research project: A University for all Ages? An exploration of age-stereotyping and unconscious bias and its impact on the student experience Collaboration with Drs Marie Lavelle and Cath Gristy (£3540 internal funding).

2015-19     Teachers’ Perspectives on Philosophy for Children PI for project in East London Schools funded by Philosophy of Education Society (GB) (£4600 external funding).



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Other Publications
Haynes J (2021) Educational research: an unorthodox introduction. Informa UK Limited , DOI Open access
Haynes J Teachers, pupils and primary schooling: Continuity and change. BLACKWELL PUBL LTD 433-435
Haynes J Versions of primary education - Alexander,R, Willcocks,J, Kinder,K, Nelson,N. BLACKWELL PUBL LTD 332-334


Reports & invited lectures

Recent keynotes given:

2022 University College Dublin School of Philosophy conference on Philosophy for Children: Title – Listening: the Hidden Sides. 22-24 June 2022.

2019 BERA Creativities SIG seminar: Disentangling and debating creativity: methodologies for research, assessment and evaluation. London 24th June. Keynote title: Beyond Words: Materiality and the Play of Things.

2018 with Karin Murris and Sara Stanley Literature and Philosophy with Children, Young People and Adults: Creative and imaginative possibilities to the annual conference of SAPERE held Aston University Conference Centre, Birmingham, November 2018.

2018 Making Possibilities, Staying with Difficulties: Philosophy for Children and Adults to conference of International Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies University Jaume I Castellon, Spain, held 15th October, 2018.