Dr Joanna Griffin

Dr Joanna Griffin

Research Assistant

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)




2014 PhD, University of Plymouth, title: 'Experience and Viewpoints in the Social Domain of Space Technology'

2003 University of Westminster, MA Hypermedia Studies

1991 Tamarind Institute of Lithography, University of New Mexico, Professional Printer Training Program

1991 University of Edinburgh (and University of Pennsylvania) MA (Hons) Fine Art

Professional membership

Leonardo/OLATS International Society for Arts, Science and Technology

Society for the History of Technology

Key publications

Griffin J (2012) 'Moon Vehicle: Reflections from an Artist-Led Children's Workshop on the <i>Chandrayaan-1</i> Spacecraft's Mission to the Moon' Leonardo 45, (3) 218-224 , DOI Open access
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Teaching interests

Associate Lecturer BA Filmmaking: Screen Dialogues (FILM412)

Fine Art, Design, Drawing, Printmaking, Art History, Visual Culture, Film, Television, New Media, Histories of Science and Technology



Research interests

My long-term inquiry into experiential encounters with large-scale technological structures includes hunting submarines in Scottish lochs, filming surveillance helicopters from my inner-city home, working with hackers to track satellites and collaborating with national space agencies. I have used the intellectual propositions generated by these encounters to contribute to academic discourse on the social impact of science and technology, but also, to actively intervene in forums that shape science and technology by creating and programming public engagement events and activities that bring communities from the arts and sciences together.

The overriding concerns in my research are firstly for the potential of transdisciplinary exchange, which I encourage by developing artistic, pedagogic and research strategies that can be shared across disciplines, and secondly for the application of approaches from a broad interpretation of creative arts practice as a means of evidencing the experiential cultures of science. The current trajectory of my research concern patterns of creative encounters with science and technology in India.

Grants & contracts

2018 AHRC Follow-on Funding for Impact and Engagement, ‘Technology, Exchange and Flow Writing Workshops at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale’ (£23, 176) Nov 18- May 19. AH/S005153/1. PI – Michael Punt, CI-Joanna Griffin. Lead research organisation: University of Plymouth

2017 Funding for symposium 'Creative Encounters with Science and Technology' from CEPT University (INR1.5 Lakh), Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (INR1.5 Lakh), Transtechnology Research (£2.5K) and Goethe Institute Trivandrum (INR 20,000). Together with additional in kind funding from Kochi-Muziris Biennale and CEPT University.

2013 Funding to attend Science and Society conference, University of Ottawa from Plymouth University Conference fund (£250) and Situating Science research network, Halifax, Canada (CAN$450).

2012 Funding to attend International Astronautical Congress, Naples from Plymouth University conference fund (£250).

2010 Funding to attend Global Lunar Conference, Beijing from Srishti Institute of Art and Design (Flights) and Plymouth University (£250).

2009-12 PhD full studentship bursary, Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK (£48K).

2006-7 Arts Council England International Artist Fellowship at Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley, USA (£7000)

2006 The Arts Council of England South West, Professional Development award for Great Northern Way Artist Residency, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (£5000)

2005 The Banff Centre, Canada, Sound and Vision Residency Financial Award (CAN$2,900).

2004 British Council Travel Award and Print Fund Award. (to attend the International Film Festival Rotterdam and telecine 16mm film from the Imperial War Museum archive) (£250)

2002 University of Southampton Staff Award 2002 (£500) for publication with essay by Claire Doherty.

2002 Arts and Humanities Research Board Small Award to develop new work about 'The Oddity of Submarines' (£5000)

2001-3 University of Southampton fees bursary award for MA Hypermedia Studies (£3000).

2000-1 University of Wolverhampton 6 month Sabbatical Award with full pay (approx. £12,000).

2000 Arts Council of England, West Midlands Arts Creative Ambition Award (£3,500)

1999 Arts Council of England, West Midlands Arts Creative Ambition Award (£3,500)

1998 Successful bid for Henry Moore Printmaking Fellowship funding written by myself and Head of Printmaking Department, School of Art and Design, Wolverhampton University

1998 Production Bursary from Vivid (Birmingham Centre for Media Arts) (In kind)

1998 Lowick House Print Workshop Residency Award. (approx. £2000)

1997 National Lottery Arts for Everyone Award to fund an education programme at Birmingham Print Workshop (£1000).

1997 West Midlands Arts Research and Development Award, Film and Video (£500)

1996 University of Wolverhampton Research Award to visit the La Silla and Las Campanas European Southern Observatories in Chile (£500)

1996 International Visual Artists Exchange: Chile to visit Taller 99 print workshop in Santiago (£1000)

1995 British Council Leipzig Travel Award (£200); Birmingham City Council Twin Cities Award (£200); University of Wolverhampton Research Award (£200) to attend International Collotype Workshop, Leipzig, Germany)

1990 Andrew Grant Scholarship (£250); Hope Scott Trust Award (£250); Roger and Sarah Bancroft Clark Charitable Trust (£200); Tamarind Institute Scholarship (US$4500) to study at Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico, USA.

Creative practice & artistic projects

‘Reti ni Otli’ [in process] (2019-21) HD. Filmed in and around Ahmedabad. The film re-enacts a lost television programme made in 1977 by a student from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, space scientists from the Indian Space Research Organisation and children in a nearby village, with its original participants. It reflects on the space programmes change in ideology and the rights of the children, now adults, to access and share their cultural heritage.

2012 The History of the Geostationary Orbit, workshop for exhibition Camps Invisibles (Invisible waves): Geografies de les Ones Ràdio, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain.

2008-10 Moon Vehicle, Lead Artist. A conceptualised series of events and workshops in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation over two years in Bengaluru drawing out the cultural relevance of the Chandrayaan-1 mission to the Moon.

2008 'Satellite Stories': International Sputnik Day, Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, UK. [projection of Google Earth, PA and sound system and video recorder made in collaboration with BA students.]

2008 'Satellite Stories' Open Day event at Mullard Space Science Lab, University College London, UK. Commissioned by The Arts Catalyst and funded by UCL Beacons of Public Engagement. A guided walk at sunset led by Mullard scientists and local residents about the journeys of people and spacecraft to and from the Space Science Lab.

2007 'Universe Gallery', Lead artist with Tony Hall. Corridor exhibition and school-wide education project at Mulberry School for Girls, London. Winner of Rolls Royce Science Award. Produced by The Arts Catalyst


2008-2010 Artist-in-Residence, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, India. To mentor the Moon Vehicle project which brought art-science collaboration into the design curriculum.

2007 International Arts Council England Artist Fellowship, NASA Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley, US. Six-month Fellowship funded by the Arts Council England.

2005 Great Northern Way Artist-in-Residence, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Funded by the Arts Council England, Southwest Arts.

2004 Sound and Vision, Artist-in-Residence, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada. Part-Funded by a grant from Banff Centre. A six-week programme with thirty international artists..

1997 Robert Horne Printmaking Residency, Lowick House Print workshop, Cumbria, UK (1 month)

1996 Taller 99 print workshop, Santiago, Chile one-month Residency (1 month)

1996 European Southern Observatories, Las Campanas, Atacama, Chile. (1 week).

1996 International Collotype Workshop, Leipzig, Germany. Producing editioned portfolio. (2 weeks)



Key publications

Griffin J (2012) 'Moon Vehicle: Reflections from an Artist-Led Children's Workshop on the <i>Chandrayaan-1</i> Spacecraft's Mission to the Moon' Leonardo 45, (3) 218-224 , DOI Open access

Key publications are highlighted


Griffin, J (2017). 'Displacing Creativity: Artists, Space Scientists and Audience-Led Television in 1970s India'. AVANT. The Journal of the Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard. VIII. 95-105. 10.26913/80s02017.0111.0010.

Griffin, J (2015) 'Reflections on the Authorship of Space Technology'. Space Policy, 33 (2015) pp. 4-7 DOI: 10.1016/j.spacepol.2015.06.001.

Griffin, J (2014) 'Seeing Chandrayaan: Large-scale technology and critical intimacy'. In Circulation (To Participate: Global and Spatial Perspectives), 1 (4), [Online]. Available at: http://incirculation.ca/griffin/ (Accessed: 11 January 2015).

Griffin, J (2012) 'Moon Vehicle: Reflections from an artist’s-led children’s workshop on the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft's mission to the Moon'. Leonardo, 45 (3). pp 219-224 DOI: 10.1162/ LEON_a_00363 [Online]. Available at:: http://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/pdf/ 10.1162/LEON_a_00363 (Accessed: 2 May 2014). [Ranked no.1 of Leonardo articles in Altmetric social media survey]

Griffin, J (2009) 'Satellite Stories: Immersion in the large-scale projection of Google Earth and Public Storytelling'. Leonardo Electronic Almanac, 16 (6-7), [Online]. Available at: http://www.leonardo.info/LEA/CreativeData/CD_Griffin.pdf (Accessed: 22 December 2013).

Griffin, J (2005) 'Breaking the Surface'. Cultural Politics, 1 (2). pp 233-242 

Griffin, J & Müller, C. (1997) 'A Return Exhibition from Leipzig'. Printmaking Today, Autumn.

Griffin, J (1996) 'Collotype in Leipzig'. Printmaking Today, Spring

Griffin, J (1991) 'The Philadelphia Story: Public Art in Philadelphia'. Artists Newsletter, March.

Nasser M, Peres N, Knight J, Haines A, Young C, Maranan D, Wright J, Carvil P, Robinson K & Westmore M (2020) 'Designing clinical trials for future space missions as a pathway to changing how clinical trials are conducted on Earth' J Evid Based Med 13, (2) 153-160 Author Site , DOI Open access
Griffin JM (2017) 'Displacing Creativity: Artists, Space Scientists and Audience-Led Television in 1970s India' Avant: Journal of Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard , DOI Open access
Griffin J (2015) 'Reflections on the authorship of space technology' Space Policy 33, 4-7 , DOI Open access
Griffin J (2012) 'Moon Vehicle: Reflections from an Artist-Led Children's Workshop on the <i>Chandrayaan-1</i> Spacecraft's Mission to the Moon' Leonardo 45, (3) 218-224 , DOI Open access
Griffin J 'Breaking the Surface' Cultural Politics , DOI Open access

Griffin, J. (ed.) (2019) Exchange & Flow: An anthology. Plymouth: Transtechnology Research Open Access

Griffin J; Drayson H; Knight J; Hutchinson J; Punt M (2020) Exchange & Flow: An anthology. Plymouth Transtechnology Research Open Access Publisher Site Open access

Griffin, J. (2014) 'Hitchhiking to the Moon'. in La Frenais, R. (ed.) Manifesto for a Republic of the Moon. London: The Arts Catalyst.

Conference Papers

2017 'Creative Encounters and Subaltern Aesthetics in the Early Years of the Indian Space Programme' Re:Trace, 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, November 23–25, Danube University, Vienna, Austria.

2017 'The Displacement of Creativity: A Satellite Television Story from 1970s Gujarat' Off The Lip2017: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Innovation, 16-18 August, Plymouth University. Conference and publication workshop on themes of creativity, cognitive innovation and displacement.

(2012) 'The incorporation of transdisciplinary thinking into the development of hitchhiking payloads'. 63rd International Astronautical Congress. Naples: 5 September 2012 International Astronautical Federation. [conference proceedings]

(2012) 'Artistic practice and autonomous spacefaring activities', 63rd International Astronautical Congress. Naples 5 October 2012. International Astronautical Federation. [conference proceedings

Nasser M, Peres N, Knight J, Haines A, Young C, Griffin J, Maranan D, Wright J & Halkes M (2018) 'The design of clinical trials and its associated support systems in interplanetary missions - A thought experiment and creative workshop'
Griffin J (2012) 'Artistic practice and autonomous spacefaring activities' 11132-11137
Griffin J (2012) 'The incorporation of transdisciplinary thinking into the development of hitchhiking payloads' 4774-4777

2008 'Satellite Stories' Open Day event at Mullard Space Science Lab, University College London, UK. Commissioned by The Arts Catalyst and funded by UCL Beacons of Public Engagement. A guided walk at sunset led by Mullard scientists and local residents about the journeys of people and spacecraft to and from the Space Science Lab

2007 'Stereo', The Luggage Gallery, San Franscisco, USA. (with C.D.Evans). [Improvised soundscape performance using media recorded at the Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley during the launch of the STEREO sun observing satellites ]

2007 'Lost', Crash Ensemble Shindig, Dublin, Ireland. Soundscape,10 mins. [Interviews with scientists at the Space Science Lab about lost spacecraft]

2007 'Satellite Stories', Storytelling performance at ‘You and Your Work’, The Cube, Bristol, UK.

2006 'The Satellite Investigations', Citr Radio 109.1FM, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. [A show that re-mixed my weekly conversations with UBC employees working with satellites with new Canadian music]

2006 'Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams', Memelab Studio improvised performance. [Improvised performance based on recollections of dreams]. Also on 'Soundscapes' radio programme, Coop Radio 102.9, Vancouver, Canada. (as The Greater Periscope Orchestra).

2006 'Conference Remix,' Interactive Futures 06, University of Victoria, Open Space gallery, Victoria, Canada. (as The Greater Periscope Orchestra). [Recordings of the conference remixed live]

2005 'French Shift' on Radio 90, The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada. (as The Greater Periscope Orchestra). [2-day radio programme of interactions with participating artists and curators]

2004 'Live PA-Passive/Aggressive', New Forms Festival, Open Studios, Vancouver, Canada. (as The Greater Periscope Orchestra) [Improvised sound performance]

2004 'Tea with Live Jam' at Duende Studios, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (as The Greater Periscope Orchestra). [Tea party followed by improvised remix of conversations ]

2004 Version_Net, Version 04 festival, Chicago, US. Selected Web-based art, including 'The Bomb Project', Joy Garnett; 'Make your Choice', Nino Rodriguez; 'Minimal Garden', Holger Lippmann. [Website www.breakingthesurface.net]



'Exchange & Flow' (2019) Shortlisted for the AHRC. Research in Films Award 2019, Doctoral and Early Career Researcher category. Available at: ahrcpress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e26IwU_6PR4

'Who Authors Space Technology?' (2014) HD one of 10 selected videos for The Society of the History of Technology PhD thesis contest. Available at: https://vimeo.com/channels/shotdissvideo/videos

'Feathered Water' (2002) 16mm black and white film made from archive film at the Imperial War Museum film archive. 5 mins, with sound.

  • 2016 Side by Side screening led by Cinestar and LUX at Back Lane West, Redruth Cornwall;
  • 2007 Cinema Lux, Caen, France. 2005 Substation, Cathedral Park, Vancouver, Canada.
  • 2004 Transat Video, Caen, France; VideoIn, Vancouver, Canada; Cinematique, Brighton, UK; Ocatillo, London, UK; Exploding Cinema curated by Edwin Carels, International Film Festival of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 2003 15th Onion City Film Festival, Chicago, USA; Alternative Histories of Modern Conflict, The Imperial War Museum, London screenings followed by panel discussion; LUX Open, Royal College of Art, London;
  • 2002 Plymouth Arts Centre.

MD902 shown at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 2002 and Plymouth Art Centre, 2002

S173 shown at Sea, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2002

'An Earlier Mission' (1995) Super 8 colour film transferred to video. Looped with or without sound. Shown 2002 Plymouth Arts Centre; 2002 Sheffield Art Gallery; 2000 AtOMSK, Cambridge Darkroom Gallery, Cambridge, UK. Including performance by Annis Joslin and Grace Surman and films by Richard Kennworthy and Steven Eastwood.

'Space/Earth' and 'Tiff' (1998) 16mm black and white film. 10 mins. No sound. 1998 Sassy Shorts, Lighthouse, Wolverhampton, UK.


2015 Arte en Órbita, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Quito, Ecuador. Curated by Pedro Soler and Fabienne Borges.

2014 'Moon Vehicle', Republic of the Moon group exhibition with artists Agnes Meyer Brand, Leonid Tishkov, Katie Paterson, WE COLONISED THE MOON and Liliajne Lijn. Produced by The Arts Catalyst, Bargehouse, London, UK. [Presenting large posters of work from Moon Vehicle contextualised with film Space and India, directed by Vijay B. Chandra, produced by Films Division India1971]

2011 Orbitando Satélites, Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijon, Spain. [Large poster 'Who we are, What we did, What we think' for exhibition from workshop.]

2011 Secret Satellites, Belfast Exposed Gallery, Belfast, UK. with artists Aisling O'Brien, Trevor Paglen and Simon Faithful.

2009 'Moon Stories', Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore, India. Public event held around a projection of the actual full Moon onto the rooftop via a telescope, digital camera and beamer.

2009 '100 Days of CHN-01', held at Srishti School of Art in collaboration with the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bengaluru, India on the 100th day of Chandrayaan-1's mission.

2008 'Satellite Stories': International Sputnik Day, Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, UK. [projection of Google Earth, PA and sound system and video recorder made in collaboration with BA students.]

2006 'The GoogleTime Museum', World Urban Forum Festival, Great Northern Way, Vancouver. (as The Greater Periscope Orchestra). Visitors were invited into residency studio to record stories of their earliest memories using a navigable immersive projection of Google Earth accompanied by live soundscapes. Outside, visitors were invited to collage a bus using cut-up surplus vinyl bus adverts. The activities took 

place over one week and recordings were broadcast on Citr radio.

2006 Impakt Online, net-art project commissions, including Bureau of Inverse Technology, 'Ooz' and Franz Allen 'Superconsumers'. [xml-base Website 'A Connection to a Remote Place' connecting live Webcams of observatories and critical texts about space technology with the actual co-ordinates of the International Space Station, NOAA 12 and Hubble Space Telescope]

2006 'Mountain Therapy' (soundscape), This City Is A Radio, co-presented by PAVED Arts and CFCR fm, Saskatoon, Canada. (as The Greater Periscope Orchestra). [Remixes of conversations had while climbing mountains in Canada]

2004 'Space Van Race', at Free Communism group show of artists-in-residence at Duende Studios, Rotterdam The Netherlands. (as The Greater Periscope Orchestra) [launch of Space Van orbit concept]

2002 Sea, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton, UK. Including artists Dorothy Cross, Tania Kovats and Mike Marshall. [Video projection and wall text 'S173'].

2000 New Work, Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, UK. Including artists Marion Coutts, Jerone Offerman, Tomoya Magunuchi. [Super 8 film presented on black and white TV 'An Earlier Mission']

2000 As it is, The Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK. Including artists Nathan Coley, Frances Hegarty, Richard Wentworth. [3-screen Video projection 'MD902'] https://www.ikon-gallery.org/event/as-it-is/

2000 VIVIDNOW, The Big Peg, Birmingham, UK. Including artists Ravi Deepres, Jo Roberts and Mo White [Corridor sound installation]

2000 Revolution, International Convention Centre, Birmingham, UK. New work commission for millennium festival including artists and arts organisations Colin Pearce, Clare Carter and Stan’s Cafe. [Large-scale, synchronised 4-screen video projection on ceiling, 'Airshow' bookworks and postcards]

2000 Boxing Gear, B16 Gallery, Birmingham, UK. Curated by Nick Crowe, including artists Ravi Deepres, Lisa Meyer, Andrew Woodhead. [Bookworks 'Airshow' and video projection 'Chrysalidding']

1999-2000 Messages, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK; Kuppelhalle der Dresdner Bank, Leipzig, Germany; Goethe Institute, New York, USA. Including artists Sean O’Keefe, Jean Vaudeau, Olaf Wegewitz. [lithographs]

1999 Xn-Books, Multiples and Easy Living, B16 Gallery, Birmingham, UK. Curated by Melanie Powers and Simon Webb with artists Jo Kirk, Nigel Prince, Torsten Lauschmann. ['Airshow' bookworks]

1997-99 Robert Horne Printmaking Exhibition, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery May-July 1997, Shire Hall Gallery Stafford February-April 1998, The City Gallery Leicester April-May 1998, mac Birmingham September-November 1998, Oddfellows Gallery Kendal September-October 1999. Work produced on funded residencies at Lowick House Print Workshop Cumbria. Including artists Chris Orr, Dale Devreux Barker and Coo Geller. [Large monoprints]

1997 Two Telescopes (Solo show), The Bond Galery, Birmingham, UK. [Drawings and lithographs]

1997 Collotypes from Leipzig: Lichtdruck? Lichtdruck! Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, UK. [collotypes editioned during international 1-month workshop with artists from Leipzig's twin cities]

1996-7 9 x 9 x 9, Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, Germany; Lanchester Gallery, Coventry.

Other Publications

(2013) 'Science and Society 2013: Some thoughts on the idea of bias and the idea of ignorance'. [Online] Situating Science. 29 October 2013. Available at: http://www.situsci.ca/?q=fr/science-and-society-2013-some-thoughts-idea-bias-and-ideaignorance (Accessed: 25 April 2014).

(2011) 'About this Manual'. in Duque, A. (ed.) Orbitando Satélites. Gijon: Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and Arts Santa Monica, pp 2-3.

Griffin JM (2014) Experience and Viewpoint in the Social Domain of Space Technology. Publisher Site


Reports & invited lectures

2021 ‘EAT-ISRO-NID: Creative Interventionism with emerging technologies', National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, India second event in a series produced by NID concerning the influence of the archives of the 1970s artists and engineers group Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) (13 August 2021).

2017 Advanced Research Methods in Science, Technology and Society, Centre for Studies and Research in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, School of Social Sciences, Central University Gujarat. A two-day workshop for Doctoral Researchers and Faculty. One of four invited workshop leaders, presenting 'Seeing Spacecraft' a workshop on visual research methods.

2013 Surreptitious Networks, Artists' Professional Development Workshop organised by CRUMB, University of Sunderland in collaboration with Pixel Palace, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

2013 Accessing Imaginaries: Drawing, Seeing and Not-thinking at Research, Creativity and Business 2 conference organised by The Culture Capital Exchange at Cass Business School, London.

2011 Orbitando Satélites workshop strand leader: Poetics of Satellites, Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijon, Spain (1 week).

2011 Secret Satellites, Belfast Exposed Gallery, Belfast, UK. I led a two-day workshop for artists called The Satellite Investigators' workshop in which we developed artefacts and a video to show in exhibition.

Conferences organised

2021 Decolonising Research: An open workshop sharing experiences and viewpoints, Research Festival 2021, University of Plymouth [online]. 28 June. Workshop convenor with Dr Kathryn Gray.

2017 'Creative Encounters with Science and Technology: Legacies, Imaginaries, Futures,' Symposium Convenor with Dr Muthatha Ramanathan. 18-19 February 2017, The Pavilion, Cabral Yard, Fort Kochi as part of the Let's Talk programme of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016. A two-day research symposium with international participants, which aimed to bring forgotten histories of creative mediation to bear on current technological imaginaries and their futures. The event was free and open to the public.

2017 Institute of Social, Policy and Enterprise Research Conference, Research Festival 2017, University of Plymouth. 9 January.

Other academic activities

Nov 2018- May 2019 Research Fellow (Co-Investigator), Plymouth University delivering AHRC Follow-on for Impact and Engagement, 'Technology, Exchange and Flow: India' (0.4). (PI Michael Punt, Partners Leonardo/ISAST & Kochi Biennale Foundation). Filming a re-enactment with original participants of a 1970s rural television programme and convening a five-day writing workshop ‘Exchange & Flow’ at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018 in Kerala, India (1-5 March 2019).

Co-chair Decolonisation of the Curriculum Working Group (Nov 2020-Nov 2021). Designing a workshop exploring ‘Shared Futures: A curriculum for global citizens’ (8 March 2021) asking what does a curriculum for global citizens look like?

Co-convenor ‘Decolonising Research: an open workshop sharing experiences and perspectives’, Research Festival 2021. With special guest Dr Jahnavi Phalkey Founder Director of Science Gallery Bengaluru (28 June 2021)

Adviser, Researcher Concordat Action Plan (April-August 2021)

ECR Forum, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business, Invited Contributor

ECR Forum, Faculty of Health, Group member (as Doctoral College rep)

Representative for Postdoctoral Early Career Researchers on Fixed Term Contracts on Doctoral College Board (May 2018-ongoing)

Champion for Associate lecturers, EDI Committee, School of Art, Design and Architecture (September 2020-ongoing)

Adviser, Research in Excellence Award (July-August 2019)