Dr Jenny Sharp

Dr Jenny Sharp

Lecturer in Mathematics Education

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


I am responsible for the Mathematics with Education Degree Programme which has two modules: a school placement module and a Mathematics Education Project.

These two modules prepare the students for a career in teaching mathematics, they provide a very strong foundation to those applying for any type of initial teacher training place.

I run the Mathematics Enrichment Programme which provides workshops and masterclasses for children from year 5 (aged 9) through to those in year 12 and 13. The events that I run at the University cover schools from across Devon and Cornwall meeting in excess of 500 able mathematicians per year and I am a regular invited speaker through the Royal Institution’s masterclass programme delivering masterclasses in throughout the country. In a typical year I work with over 1,200 students and nearly 200 teachers from over 320 schools.

Details of the Mathematics Enrichment Programme for schools can be found here: Mathematics Enrichment Programme


I have a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Plymouth.

Teaching interests

I am module leader for the Mathematics Education modules which are part of our Mathematics degrees. The School Placement module is for final year students who are interested in teaching as a career. The Mathematics Education Project allows those students who are on the Mathematics with Education Degree and allows them to study in in depth an are of Mathematics Education which will be useful to them once they start their teaching career. 

I am module leader for two of the modules on the Foundation Year of the Mathematics Degree. These modules allow the students who are going to progress to the mathematics degrees the chance to develop the skills that will be needed on the degree. We look at 'why' rather than just learning procedures, concentrating on formal proofs, writing mathematics correctly as well as instilling a sense of enjoyment of mathematics.

Key publications are highlighted

Craven MJ & Sharp J 2018 '"The Mathematics Problem": A Plymouth Foundation Year Case Study' Journal of the Foundation Year Network 1, 23-35 Publisher Site PEARL
Sharp JM & Dyke PPG 1995 'Three variable marine ecosystems models: A simple geometrical approach' Mathematical and Computer Modelling 21, (6) 65-72 , DOI