Dr Jeanette Sanders

Dr Jeanette Sanders

Trial Manager

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



Day to day, I am involved in the management of a range of Clinical Trials - a rewarding and exciting job that allows me to engage with a diverse range of people and projects. Current projects are an international CTIMP (ENRICH) and the SWIMSProject.

I am also a passionate marine ecologist: I am a Director of Seadream Education, working on a range of projects from jellyfish DNA to introducing deprived youngsters to Plymouth's maritime heritage; I assist in cetacean research, analysing data on pilot whales; and also help a local project record seal behaviour and sound. 

My PhD student - Linking species activity to ecosystem function - examined whether species could be grouped into "functional groups" according to their impact on their local environment. A predictive model of distribution of functional groups was then developed using environmental predictor values. My Master's project examined the spatio-temporal relationship between basking sharks and their prey off the South west of England.


PhD Linking species activity to ecosystem function (2008)
MRes Applied Marine Science Distinction - University of Plymouth (2002)
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences 1 - University of Exeter (1996) 1st and 2nd years awarded Ernst and Young Prize, 3rd year awarded Pye Unicam prize.

Roles on external bodies

I am a Director of Seadream Education - a Community Interest Company that undertakes science outreach and research related to environmental and marine issues.



Teaching interests

I enjoy teaching students about science and the natural world.

I currently undertake outreach roles for Seadream Education many of which are voluntary for example organising and presenting the Ocean Discovery Zone at the annual Devon County Show.

I have taught GCSE and BTEC courses, as well as working as a demonstrator for the University.



Research interests

Currently managing health related research projects in lymphoma and also in Multiple Sclerosis.

In my own time, I am also working on establishing baseline data on distribution of jellyfish and hydrozoa off SW England together with work on using jellyfish eDNA as a survey tool. I am also recording the local seal behaviours and sounds to improve our understanding and develop resources for schools education. I am currently analysing cetacean distribution data for an international charity.

Other ares of personal interest:

Ecosystem functioning
The relationship between species traits and environment
Marine ecology
Estuarine ecology

Grants & contracts

Grants held:


1.   MS Society Grant 25 SWIMS Project

2.   MS Society Grant 47 SWIMS Project



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Nyman SR, Ingram W, Sanders J, Thomas PW, Thomas S, Vassallo M, Raftery J, Bibi I & Barrado-Martín Y (2019) 'Randomised Controlled Trial Of The Effect Of Tai Chi On Postural Balance Of People With Dementia' Clinical Interventions in Aging Volume 14, 2017-2029 , DOI Open access
Sims DW, Southall EJ, Merrett DA & Sanders J (2003) 'Effects of zooplankton density and diel period on surface-swimming duration of basking sharks' Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK 83, (3) 643-646 , DOI
Sims DW, Southall EJ, Merrett DA & Sanders J (2003) 'Effects of zooplankton density and diel period on surface-swimming duration of basking sharks' Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 83, (3) 643-646
Conference Papers
Sanders JL, Kendall MA, Hawkins AJS & Spicer JI (2007) 'Can functional groups be used to indicate estuarine ecological status?' 45-58 , DOI


Conferences organised

MS User's information Day:
o Plymouth 8th Jul 2017
o Newton Abbot 8th August 2017
o Barnstaple 9th Sep 2017
o St Austell 11th Nov 2017