Dr Hannah Bradwell

Dr Hannah Bradwell

Digital Health Research Fellow

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health)



Dr Bradwell is a Digital Health Research Fellow within the Centre for Health Technology at the University of Plymouth. She has extensive experience in digital health research, primarily in designing, implementing and evaluating novel technologies in health and social care, with a particular focus on end-user and stakeholder feedback.

Key projects worked on:
ICONIC: Intergenerational Codesign of Novel technologies In Coastal communities
GOALD - Generating Older Active Lives Digitally
EPIC - eHealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall


PhD Applied Health - University of Plymouth

MSc Psychology - Manchester Metropolitan University - With Distinction

BA (Hons) Human Behavioural Studies - Plymouth University - 1st Class


May 2022 -
' Intergenerational co-creation of novel technologies to reconnect digitally excluded people with community & cultural landscapes in coastal economies' Jones, R., Gauld, S., Veliz Reyes, A., Aly, A., Zhou, S., Chatterjee, A., Asthana, S., Maudlin, D., Howell, K., Ifeachoe, E., Willis, K., Baines, R., Bradwell, H. (EPSRC £1million)

January 2022 -
'Engaging students and staff with business and AI voice based technology for care of the elderly.' Cooper, L., Bradwell, HL., Page, T., Edwards, K., Jones, R. (Higher Education Innovation Fund - £6000).

April 2021 -

'Digital asset archive of environmental models for use in navigational, virtual reality (VR) and immersive arts and health research.' Veliz Reyes, A., Jones, R., Bradwell, H., Edwards, K., Daybell, J. and Maudlin, D. (PIHR Arts/Health Collaboration Fund - £3,923)

'Place and (Co-) Presence: Heritage, Oral History, Health and Digital Technologies' Daybell, J., Jones, R., Aoki, D., Maudlin, D., Butler, A., Edwards, K., Bradwell, H. and Nicholls, J. (PIHR Arts/Health Collaboration Fund - £4000)

Professional membership

Society for the study of artificial intelligence and simulated behaviour - 2021

Association for Computing Machinery - 2020



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Hennessy C, Mannion G, Haynes R, Whittaker A, Bradwell H, Tomaz S, Ritchie J & Cooper L (2023) 'INTERGENERATIONAL CO-PRODUCTION IN DIGITAL DESIGN FOR HEALTH, WELL-BEING, AND SOCIAL CONNECTION' Innovation in Aging 7, (Supplement_1) 717-717 Publisher Site , DOI
Bradwell HL, Cooper L, Edwards KJ, Baxter R, Tomaz SA, Ritchie J, Gaudl S, Veliz-Reyes A, Ryde GC & Križaj T (2023) 'Staff perceptions towards virtual reality-motivated treadmill exercise for care home residents: a qualitative feedback study with key stakeholders and follow-up interview with technology developer' BMJ Open 13, (11) , DOI Open access
Whittaker AC, Tomaz SA, Bradwell H, Ritchie J, Edwards K, Cooper L, Hennessy C, Jones R, Haynes R & Ryde GC (2023) 'O.1.2-10 Intergenerational co-production to increase physical activity and social connectivity for health in the GOALD project (Generating Older Active Lives Digitally)' European Journal of Public Health 33, (Supplement_1) Publisher Site , DOI
Thomas A, Edwards KJ, Bradwell HL, Chatterjee A & Jones RB (2023) 'E-nursing homes: transforming access to nurses in nursing homes in response to the staffing crisis' British Journal of Nursing 32, (9) 428-432 , DOI Open access
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Bradwell HL, Edwards KJ, Baines R, Page T, Chatterjee A & Jones RB (2023) 'Facial recognition lock technology for social care settings: A qualitative evaluation of implementation of facial recognition locks at two residential care sites' Frontiers in Digital Health 5, , DOI Open access
Cullinan MF, Scott R, Linogao J, Bradwell H, Cooper L & McGinn C (2023) 'Development and Demonstration of a Wireless Ultraviolet Sensing Network for Dose Monitoring and Operator Safety in Room Disinfection Applications' Sensors 23, (5) 2493-2493 , DOI Open access
Baines R, Bradwell H, Edwards K, Stevens S, Prime S, Tredinnick-Rowe J, Sibley M & Chatterjee A (2022) 'Meaningful patient and public involvement in digital health innovation, implementation and evaluation: A systematic review' Health Expectations , DOI Open access
Bradwell H, Baines R, Edwards KJ, Stevens S, Atkinson K, Wilkinson E, Chatterjee A & Jones RB (2022) 'Exploring Patient and Staff Experiences With Video Consultations During COVID-19 in an English Outpatient Care Setting: Secondary Data Analysis of Routinely Collected Feedback Data' JMIR Formative Research 6, (3) , DOI Open access
Bradwell HL, Edwards K, Shenton D, Winnington R, Thill S & Jones RB (2021) 'User-Centered Design of Companion Robot Pets Involving Care Home Resident-Robot Interactions and Focus Groups With Residents, Staff, and Family: Qualitative Study' JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies 8, (4) , DOI Open access
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Jones RB, Hubble S, Taylor L, Gunn H, Logan A, Rowland T, Bradwell H, Connolly LJ, Algie K & Anil K (2021) 'Technologies to Support Assessment of Movement During Video Consultations: Exploratory Study' JMIRx Med 2, (3) , DOI Open access
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Edwards K, Bradwell H, Jones R, Andrade J & Shawe J (2021) 'How do women with a history of gestational diabetes mellitus use mHealth during and after pregnancy? Qualitative exploration of women's views and experiences' Midwifery , DOI Open access
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Conference Papers
Veliz Reyes A, Varga M, Bradwell H & Baxter R (2023) 'Unlocking Social Innovation in XR for Healthcare in Coastal Communities' 2023 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces 3-/-0/20233-/-0/2023IEEE , DOI Open access
Bradwell HL, Winnington R, Thill S & Jones RB (2021) 'Morphology of socially assistive robots for health and social care: A reflection on 24 months of research with anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and mechanomorphic devices' 2021 30th IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN) 8-/-0/20218-/-0/2021IEEE , DOI Open access
Bradwell HL, Winnington R, Thill S & Jones RB (2020) 'Longitudinal Diary Data: Six Months Real-world Implementation of Affordable Companion Robots for Older People in Supported Living' HRI '20: ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction ACM , DOI Open access