Dr Guido Bugmann

Dr Guido Bugmann

Visiting Associate Professor (Reader)

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Researching in the areas of Brain Modelling and Robotics.

See my home page for further information and a brief CV.

Teaching interests

Undergraduate Level

  • AINT101 - Computer Science Workshop
  • ROCO103 - Robot Build and Design
  • AINT205 - Alternative Computing Paradigms
  • AINT303 - Neural Computation

Postgraduate Level

  • AINT507 - Natural Language Interfaces
  • AINT503 - Interactive Intelligent Systems Workshop


  • Robotics Club


Research interests

     See my home page for further information. 

Please see my home page for a full list of publications. 

Other academic activities

Artificial Neural Networks and their Applications.
Biological Neural Networks and models of Brain Functions.
Artificial vision.
Spoken Interfaces with Machines.