Dr Graham Williamson

Dr Graham Williamson

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Adult Nursing


Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing.

PDT Academic Lead, Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation NHS Trust 

Roles on external bodies


Editorial Board Memberships (by invitation). 1). The Journal of Advanced Nursing. Jan 2008-Oct 2012. 2). The Open Nursing Journal. Commenced June 2007. Associate Editor 2013- 3). The Scientific World JOURNAL (Nursing). Commenced Sept 2011.

International Scientific Advisory Panel member for the Royal College of Nursing annual international nursing research conference 2007-present.
External peer reviewer for a research grant application for Irish Health Research Board.

Book Reviews Editor, Journal of Advanced Nursing. 1 Jan 2003- 1 Jan 2008

Manuscript reviewer for Journal of Clinical Nursing

Manuscript reviewer for Journal of Advanced Nursing

Teaching interests

Evidence Informed Decision Making.

Management and Leadership.
Ethics and Law.
Clinical Skills

Staff serving as external examiners

External Examiner roles

1. Thames Valley University, Module 4, CFP, Pre-registration diploma in nursing. Sept 2003 to Sept 2007.

2. University of Hertfordshire Pre-registration diploma in nursing. Sept 2001 to Sept 2006.

3. University of Surrey Postgraduate Nursing programmes. Sept 2007-July 2011.

External Examiner. University of Cardiff Overseas Nursing External Examiner.  BSc. Commencing Sept 2011-Sept 2015.

4. Kingston University. BSc Nursing Programme. Commencing Sept 2011-Sept 2015.

5. Bucks New University. PGDIP Nursing programme. Sept 2015-2019

Worcester University School of Nursing Periodic Review panel member Dec 3 2015.

Research interests

Asthma and pregnancy.

Supporting students in clinical practice.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

1). Sherrie Hitchen: Personal Budgets for all? An Action Research Study on Implementing Self Directed Support in Mental Health Services . Successfully completed April 2013. ( With Prof Mary Watkins). 

Grants & contracts

Personal grants

Developing student nurse retention using action research. 2012-13 Pedagogic Research Institute & Observatory/Plymouth University Teaching Fellowship Scheme. £5,000. With Val Heath & Tracey Proctor-Childs.

Developing student nurse retention using action research. Institute of Health and Community, Plymouth University. Pump priming scheme 2011-2012. £1000. With Val Heath & Tracey Proctor-Childs.

Evaluating Lecturer Practitioner and Clinical Facilitator roles at the University of Plymouth. Research development funding. Devon and Cornwall Workforce Development Consortia. With Professor Christine Webb. 1999-2000. £14,250. Replacement salary costs

Arterial blood gas sampling elearning resource. Fellowship of University of Plymouth Centre of Excellence in Professional Placement Learning Innovations Fund bid. Sept 2006 £5000. With Sarah Dodds and Rob Stillwell.

CEPPL Innovations Fund Bid: Non-invasive ventilation Elearning Resource. With Sarah Dodds, Rob Stillwell, Helen Daggar and Claire Hullett. June 2007. £5000


Grants as co-holder

A pilot study investigating the feasibility of a care bundle on women’s experiences of asthma in pregnancy.           With Chervonne Chamberlain and Anita O’Connor. Plymouth University Alumni Grants Scheme. £5000. Oct 2016

A systematic review of the literature on women’s experiences of asthma care in pregnancy. With Kayleigh Elmslie-Jones and Anita O’Connor. Plymouth University School of Nursing and Midwifery Alumni Grants Scheme £5000. March 2016.

Investigating women’s previous experiences of asthma care in pregnancy. With Chamberlian, Williamson, Knight and Daly. £5000 RD&E small grants programme. July 2011.

Stakeholders online for smarter healthcare. April 2011. With Ray Jones et al. UoP CEPPL £30,000.

Short KTP: User-led learning for mental health professionals. Pilot study Jones, Williamson and Emmens. sKTP. £25,000. sKTP 1000313. Jan 2010.

Short KTP: To explore the impact of e-health support for patients at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital: pilot study for an RfPB application. Jones, Williamson, Chauhan, Sheaves. £25,000. March-Sept 2010. SKTP 1000260

NHS Service Delivery and Organisation R&D Programme. Programme of research on e-health. Scoping exercise EH2:

E-health policy context and consultation with stakeholders in the NHS. Reference WS20. With Professor Ray Jones et al. 2003-2004. £80,000

HEFCE CETL. Placement Learning in Health and Social Care.  With Dr Susan Lea et al. 2004 £4.5 million over 5 years. 

Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation NHS Trust Small grants programme: Investigating pregnant women’s experiences of asthma care With Sarah Dodds, Chervonne Chamberlain and Jacqueline Tipper. One year from Sept 2006. £2500.

CEPPL placement learning developmental activity. CEPPL research support: Evaluating the Implementation of Placement Development Teams in the South West Peninsula. With Val Heath and Lynne Callaghan. Programme of evaluation to begin Sep 2007 for 2 years.

CEPPL research support: Improving Student Support in Professional Placement Learning: Lessons from the South West Peninsula Pilot of a New National Placement Evaluation Process. With Heath, V, Ballantyne, E, Callaghan, L, Webster, D, Hunter, C.  June 2007.

CEPPL placement learning developmental activity.  Supported by CEPPL buy-out. Evaluating the impact of placement development teams in induction and introduction to professional placement activity using action learning. July 2008-2009. With Val Heath, Josie White et al.

Impact of e-health support for patients: pilot study.

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital: funded by RD&E and UoP, via a short KTP. Pilot for an RfPB application. £25,000. With Ray Jones et al.

Other academic activities

Chair, University of Plymouth Faculty of Health and Human Sciences student research ethics committee. Until Dec 2016

Nursing Times National Awards 2006 Finalist as part of RD&E Respiratory Development Forum clinical team in the category Cancer Services, for nurse led clinics in cancer care