Miss Giulia La Bianca

Miss Giulia La Bianca

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Project title: Using deep-sea ecosystem services maps to inform marine spatial planning


2020 - current   PhD in mapping deep-sea ecosystem services, University of Plymouth, UK
2013 - 2016    BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology, University of Plymouth, UK

Professional membership

Marine Biological Association

Deep-Sea Biology Society



Research interests

I am a PhD student at the University of Plymouth. I work in deep-sea ecology research, specialising in understanding and mapping the linkages between deep-sea ecosystem services and human activities to support evidence-based Marine Spatial Planning. This PhD project is also part of a larger project, One Ocean Hub, which aims to transform the current ocean governance and research into an integrated and inclusive ocean governance. Under OOH, my work will discuss the ecological processes of some deep-sea habitats and assess their vulnerability to human impacts.

As an early-career researcher at UoP, I am also part of the Marine Conservation Research Group and Deep-Sea Conservation Research Unit (DeepSeaCRU).

My supervisory team includes Prof Kerry Howell (University of Plymouth), Dr Sian Rees (University of Plymouth), Prof Martin Attrill (University of Plymouth), Prof Kerry Sink (South Africa National Biodiversity Institute) and Prof Mandy Lombard (Nelson Mandela University).



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Niner HJ, Rees SE, La Bianca G, McQuaid KA & Howell KL (2024) 'A risk assessment for the remote ocean: the case of the South East Atlantic' Frontiers in Marine Science 10, , DOI Open access
Morgera E, Lennan M, Kulovesi K, La Bianca G, Niner HJ, Harrould-Kolieb E, Recio Piva E, Hills J, Ntona M & Lancaster AMSN (2023) 'Ocean-based Climate Action and Human Rights Implications under the International Climate Change Regime' The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 38, (3) 411-446 , DOI Open access
Morgera E, McQuaid K, La Bianca G, Niner H, Shannon L, Strand M, Rees S, Howell K, Snow B & Lancaster AMSN (2023) 'Addressing the Ocean-Climate Nexus in the BBNJ Agreement: Strategic Environmental Assessments, Human Rights and Equity in Ocean Science' The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 38, (3) 447-479 , DOI Open access
La Bianca G, Rees S, Attrill MJ, Lombard AT, McQuaid KA, Niner HJ, van Rein H, Sink KJ & Howell KL (2023) 'A standardised ecosystem services framework for the deep sea' Frontiers in Marine Science 10, , DOI Open access
Strand M, Ortega-Cisneros K, Niner HJ, Wahome M, Bell J, Currie JC, Hamukuaya H, La Bianca G, Lancaster AMSN & Maseka N (2022) 'Transdisciplinarity in transformative ocean governance research—reflections of early career researchers' ICES Journal of Marine Science 79, (8) 2163-2177 , DOI Open access
Howell KL, Bridges AE, Graves KP, Allcock L, la Bianca G, Ventura-Costa C, Donaldson S, Downie AL, Furey T & McGrath F (2022) 'Performance of deep-sea habitat suitability models assessed using independent data, and implications for use in area-based management' Marine Ecology Progress Series 695, 33-51 , DOI Open access