Dr Giovanni Masala

Dr Giovanni Masala

Lecturer in Networks and Cloud Computing

School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science & Engineering)


PhD in Applied Physics, University of Cagliari, Italy, Jan 2003 - Jan 2006
Thesis :"Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to Medical Physics". 

Degree in Electronic Engineering (“Laurea” with path in AI), University of Cagliari, Italy, Nov 1994 - Feb 2002
Thesis: “Development ofalgorithms for the classification of fingerprints”. 

Professional membership

Core member of the BIG DATA group in Plymouth University

Member of the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS) in Plymouth University

Member of the Autonomous Marine Systems (AMS) research group in Plymouth University

Teaching interests

Module leader of :

- Computer Systems CNET050
- Servers, Datacentres and Cloud NET203/NET206
- Servers, Datacentres and Cloud NET504
- Wireless Technologies and Network Programming NET202

Teaching staff in :
-Artificial Intelligence AINT252

Research interests

My current research interestsmainly are on big data analysis, automotive, machine learning, imaging, and datasecurity on cloud platforms.

Big Data Analysis using notstructured data in huge database of images, structured data in biomedicalapplications (in blood diseases and epidemiology) and  real time applications in automotive throughsensors fusion, and machine learning for multimodal data processing (e.g. multimodalbiometrics, videotracking, human language grounding).

In the field of the Naturallanguage processing I’m working to develop a grounding language system throughvery large scale neural networks, using the iCub robot platform, as extensionof the ANNABELL system (PlosOne 2015) . 

In the automotive field I developedan automatic recognition system of distracted state of the driver based onwebcam images and pattern recognition techniques (Transportation Research Part C2014),  and I am working on the detectionof the driver behaviors through several further sensors.

I' m working on the design ofsecurity system on cloud platforms for big data in terms of user’s authenticationusing biometric multimodal features like fingerprints and face recognition, andthe security of data residing on servers through data fragmentation (SAM2015/2016, CISIS-2016). For seven years I was been also system administrator,security officer, and hardware supervisor of the Cybersar supercomputingcluster ( HPC/GRID ) at University of Sassari, Italy.

I have a long experience on medical imaging, developing Computer Aided Detection/Diagnosis Systems 

Grants & contracts

In 2017 PhD studentship grant (value of £93,000) , “DeCIFER:Developmental Collaborative Intelligence For Embodied Robots” from Honda,through its HRI-EU subsidiary (Honda Research Institute Europe at OffenbachGermany).

Project management experience as coinvestigator in 2014-2015“Cloud computing platform for PMI (small and medium enterprises)” funded  with € 200.000 from Sardegna Council(LR7/2007), and in 2008-2009 with the € 130.000 grant from Sardegna Council“Disclosure of information, culture and e-business on Internet: Access for persons with disabilities ". 

Projects participation in several roles includes the EU IST "MammoGrid"project (European federated mammogram database implemented on a GRID structure)(2002-2003), the IST "Rural Wins" project (Roadmap for ICT Solutionsfor Rural Areas and Maritime Regions) (2002-2003), and the participation in several INFN (Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics) projects in medical physics between 2004-2008.

Chapter of the book


MASALA G.L.C., Golosio B.,"Computer Aided Diagnosis  ofThalassaemias" on Thalassaemia: Causes, Treatment Options and Long-TermHealth Outcomes, for Nova Science Publishers, 2014.

MASALA G.L.C, Ruiu P, and Grosso E, Biometric Authentication and DataSecurity in Cloud Computing, Computer and Network Security Essentials,Springer, in press 2017


 Articles on Journals


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2)   MASALA, G.L., Grosso, E. Real time detection of driver attention:Emerging solutions based on robust iconicclassifiers and dictionary of poses TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART C: EMERGINGTECHNOLOGIES, 49, pp. 32-42,2014.

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5) Golosio B, Oliva P.,Brunetti A, MASALA G, Carpinelli M., Meloni F, G.Battista Meloni. Preliminarystudy of an angiographic and angio-tomographic technique based on K-edgefilters. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, vol. 114, p. 064912-064912-8, 2013.

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Proceedings of the conferences



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