Enrique Munoz Arcos

Enrique Munoz Arcos

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Enrique Munoz Arcos is currently doing a MPhil/PhD in Environmental Sciences. Thesis title: "Evaluating sediment residence time for improved management of legacy and contemporary river basin pollution".


BSc in Chemistry, Universidad Austral de Chile.


Teaching interests

Enrique has done teaching at Universidad Austral de Chile on the following modules:
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemical Instrumental Analysis
  • Chemometrics
  • General Chemistry


Research interests

  • Environmental chemistry.
  • Analytical chemistry.
  • Environmental radioactivity.
  • Sediment tracing.
  • Sediment associated contaminants
  • Environmental pollution.

Other research

Research projects (as a research assistant/technician):
Project Newton-NER0155971:"Making soil erosion understandable and governable at the river basin scale for food, water and hydropower sustainability in Latin America".
Project RLA 5064: “Strengthening Soil and Water Conservation Strategies at the Landscape Level by Using Innovative Radio and Stable Isotope and Related Techniques”.
Project RLA 5076: ”Strengthening Surveillance Systems and Monitoring Programmes of Hydraulic Facilities Using Nuclear Techniques to Assess Sedimentation Impacts as Environmental and Social Risks”.


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Other Publications