Dr Douglas Natusch

Dr Douglas Natusch

Honorary Associate Dean

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



Dr Douglas Natusch
Consultant Anaesthetics and Pain Medicine, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. 
Honorary Consultant, Rowcroft Hospice, Torquay. 
Associate Dean, Torbay and South Devon, Peninsula Medical School


BSc, (Medical Science), University of St Andrews, 1987
MbChB, University Manchester, 1990
FRCA, Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, 1996
MSc (Pain Management), University of Wales College of Medicine. 2002
FFPMRCA Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Royal College of Anesthetists 2007

Professional membership

1.The British Pain Society.
2.The International Association for the Study of Pain.
3.The Association of Anaesthetists.

Roles on external bodies

Appointments Assessor, Royal College of Anaesthetists 
Member of the Essential Pain Management Committee (EPM), Faculty of Pain Medicine, Royal College of Anesthetists


Reports & invited lectures

2003 - “Pain Management”, Rheumatology Study Day, Buckfast Abbey.
2004 - “The South Devon Back Pain Network”. Society of Anaesthetists of the South West Region (SASWR).
2006 – “Opioids”. Royal Pharmaceutical Society Meeting, South Devon.
2008 –SG2, Spinal Conference, Chicago: Optimising Spinal Care for Growth, “The art and science of non operative care.”
2010 – “A Joint Pain & Addiction Clinic”, Peninsula Pain Group, Dartington – with joint lecture with Dr Stuart MacLaren, Consultant Psychiatrist in the Addictions, Secondary Care Addiction Services.
2012 – “Pain and Opioid Addiction”. Current Concepts in Pain Medicine Meeting, Faculty of Pain Medicine Annual Update, Royal College of Anaesthetists, 2012.
2012 – Morning Workshops“Complex Regional Pain Syndrome” interactive case review. British Elbow and Shoulder Society(BESS), National Orthopaedic Specialist Society meeting. Invited to submit an article for the Journal Orthopaedics and Trauma.
2016 – ‘Motivational Interviewing’ joint lecture with Dr Nick Zeiher, Consultant Psychiatrist in the Addictions, Secondary Care Addiction Services, Devon Partnership Trust for the Peninsula Pain Group.
2016 - ‘Mindfulness’, Peninsula School of Anaesthesia, SPR Training Day, Cornwall. 
2017 - ‘The Back Pain Guidance we already have’ South Devon Clinical Commissioning Group.
2019 - Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) National Trainees Conference, Telford, Lecture “5 Key Concepts about Pain”. 
2019 - Launch of e-PAIN Musculoskeletal Module at the Pain Management Program Special Interest Group (SIG) of the British Pain Society Meeting Bristol.
2019 - ‘Pain Management in an electronic age”, Bath Pain Forum. 
2022 - Co-organised a relaunch of the Peninsula Pain Group with Dr Karen Gilmore at Buckfast Conference Centre

Additional information

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