Dr Claire Gray

Dr Claire Gray

Partnership Manager

TNE and International Partnerships (Plymouth Global)




Ed D (Higher Education) 2014, University of Sheffield

M.A in Social Policy, 2004, Open University

P.G.C.E (Education and Training), (distinction), 1997, University of Wales

B.A (hons) Politics, 1992, University of Portsmouth

Professional membership

Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)



Teaching interests

Programme Leader for the BSc (hons) Professional Management Practice - Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

Teaching experience includes school, further and higher education practice. Higher Education teaching predominantly in the areas of public and social policy.

Staff serving as external examiners

External Adviser to Periodic Review of UK Partnerships, Canterbury Christchurch University, 2014.



Research interests

Research interests are primarily in public sector partnerships and educational policy. My Doctoral thesis examined Further/Higher Education Partnerships from the perspective of bottom-up policy implementation. 

Grants & contracts

Association for Collaborative Provision of Higher Education in England (ACP) (2013)

ACP ‘Voices’ project

Claire Gray (PI), Mark Stone

HEA (Social Sciences) (2014) 

Supporting Research Methods Teaching in College Higher Education

Claire Gray (PI), Carole Sutton, Julie Swain and Rebecca Turner

HEA (Social Sciences) (2013) 

Mapping, Understanding, and Supporting Research Teaching within College HE networks

Claire Gray (PI), Carole Sutton, Julie Swain and Rebecca Turner

Plymouth University Teaching Fellowships (2010, 2011, 2012)

Subjectivity and assumptions in assessment – exploring difference through comparative evaluation.
Claire Gray, Julie Swain and Rebecca Turner

2011: The Virtual Voice

Claire Gray and Julie Swain

2010: Evaluating the use of enterprise to create synergies between graduate skills development,career management and successful induction

Ross Pomeroy, Rebecca Turner, Claire Gray, Julie Swain, Sarah Hulme, Sue Atkinson, Julie Goering & Marc Lintern

Pedrio Fellowship (2011) 

What are the organisational traits identified within HE in FE collaborative arrangements, and what are the implications for partnership practice?

Plymouth University Access project (2011) 

Social and academic engagement opportunities to support retention across academic partnerships

Claire Gray, Julie Swain and Chris Groucutt

Contributor to: Education Development Open Resources (EDOR) (2010)

Contributor to: Learning from wOERk (2010)

HELP CETL CPD Award (2005)



Other Publications

Gray, C. (2016). Implementing English Further/Higher Education Partnerships: the Street Level Perspective. Higher Education Quarterly, 70 (1), 43-58

Gray, C.,Turner, R., Sutton, C., Petersen, C., Stevens, S., Swain, J., Esmond, B.,Schofiled, C. & Thackeray, D. (2015). Researchmethods teaching in vocational environments: developing critical engagementwith knowledge? Journal of VocationalEducation and Training, 67 (3),274-293

Gray, C. Swain, J. & Rodway-Dyer, S. (2014) Student voice and engagement: connecting through partnership, Tertiary Education and Management, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp 57-71.

Gray, C. and Stone, M. ‘What are voices from across the collaborative HE sector telling us?’ Forum for Access and Continuing Education Annual Conference, Salford University, Salford, 2nd – 4th July 2014.

Gray, C. and Stone, M. (2014) Voices from across the collaborative HE sector, Association for the Collaborative Provision of Higher Education in England, Plymouth University, available at http://cbhe.org.uk/?page_id=12

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Gray, C. Sutton, C. (2013) 'Mapping, Understanding and Supporting Research Teaching Within College HE Networks', paper presented at HEA Social Sciences Annual Conference , 23rd - 24th May 2013

Gray, C. (2012) 'Further/Higher Education (F/HE) partnerships – why, how and where next?' poster presented at Discourses of Inclusion in Neo-Liberal Higher Education Conference, (Open University) 24th - 25th April 2012

Gray, C. Swain, J. (2011) 'Using a social constructivist model for inducting non-traditional students into vocational college based Higher Education' paper presented at Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) annual conference, 7th -9th December 2011

Gray, C. (2010) ‘“I am not a number” – Determining professional capability through graded observations for HE in FE staff, paper presented at Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) annual conference, 14th -16th December 2010

Gray, C. Wall, L. (2010) ‘Peer review of higher education at Petroc’ presentation at QAA HEA HE in FE group conference, 29th January 2010

Gray, C. (2009) ‘The powers of numbers – making judgments on HE in FE teachers the ofsted way’, paper presented at the Learning Skills Research Network conference, 25th November 2010.

Gray, C. (2009) ‘Emerging Academic identities: the human side of HE in FE collaboration and skills development’ paper presented at the Learning Skills Research Network conference, 11th December 2009.

Gray, C. Rodway-Dyer, S. (2009) ‘HE in FE co-mentoring; culture clash and       emergent identities’ paper presented at Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) annual conference, 8th-10th December 2009

Gray, C. (2009) The learning cycle of a HELP CETL Award Holder, Putting the I into identity, and other stories, Escalate and HELP CETL 2009

Gray, C. and Turner, R. (2009) ‘When does a college lecturer become an HE lecturer? Perspectives from college practitioners and implications for HE in FE development’ workshop presentation at QAA Furthering Higher Education 2009: Improving the HE in FE student experience, Friday 30 January 2009

Swain,J Stone, M. Rose, S. Gray, C. (2008) ‘How to strategically develop Blended Learning across a collaborative partnership delivering Higher Education in Further Education’ Plymouth E-learning conference, 4th April 2008

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Dixon, J. Tripathi, S. Sanderson, A. Gray, C. Rosewall, I. Sherriff, I. (2005) ‘Accessible higher education: Meeting the challenges of HE in FE’ Forward Issue 6, Summer 2005



Reports & invited lectures

2014 Guest Lecture: Power, Policy, Discourse, Exeter University, Tremough Campus

2014, Keynote Presentation (with Mark Stone):AVA Conference: Breaking Down the Barriers

2012, Keynote Presentation: Researching HE in FE, Hull College Research and Scholarship Conference.

2011, IQER: A Partnership Perspective. North West Regional College, Londonderry, Staff Development day.