Dr Arunangsu Chatterjee

Dr Arunangsu Chatterjee

Associate Professor of Digital Health & Education and Head of Digital Education

Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences


Head of Digital Education 


University Board of Governors
University Senate
University TLQC
University Internationalisation Group
FoMD Faculty Board
FoMD PGT Committees
PedRIO Steering Group
FoMD Faculty IT Committee
BMBS Programme committee
PDS Dental School Programme committee
FoMD Distance Learning Taskforce 
FoMD Student Voice Working Group
FoMD Technology Enhanced Learning Resources Policies and Procedures Working Group



Professional membership

Fellow - Higher Education Academy

Professional Member - British Computer Society
Member - Association of Learning Technology, UK
Member - European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning
Fellow - British Insititute of Learning and Development (2009-2013)

Teaching interests

Teaching interests focused on the following areas: 

  • Technology Enhanced Learning and Simulation 
  • Health Informatics & Digital Health
  • Research Methods and Ethics 
  • Human Computer Interaction 

Research interests

Research focussed on the design, development and evaluation of 

- technology enhanced learning interventions
- eHealth and health informatics 

Current research activities:
  • If and how rapidly evolving digital technologies facilitate capacity building for sharing and consuming practices of technology use in healthcare and Education?
  • Improving the use, adoption and diffusion of decentralised and disruptive technologies to deliver contextual and personalised healthcare/learning
  • Exploring and addressing evaluation challenges across increasingly distributed technology ecosystems
  • Exploring the impact of culture on evolving digital solutions

Research Supervision Interest in eHealth, Human Computer Interaction & Technology Enhanced Learning. 
  • Usability, user experience and effectiveness of technologies (eHealth/educational), social network analysis, analytics and personalised digital environments
  • Computer supported collaborative work in the healthcare/learning domain
  • Innovation and creative techniques for open standards based socio-technical systems

Conferences organised

OpenEHR within a mature NHS Ecosystem The Plymouth Perspective (2018) - https://goo.gl/JhmqLF

Games and Simulation Enhanced Learning (2017) - https://goo.gl/QJHRHh 

Personal Learning Environments (PLE) Conference http://pleconf.org
  • 2012 (Aveiro) and 2014 (Tallinn) - Organisation committee 
  • 2013 (Berlin) - Programme chair
Assessment and Technology in healthcare education conference - 2014 (Plymouth)

Research Groups
Current Research Students

Sebastian Stevens (2016-2019) - The Impact of Social Relationships on Multi-Source Feedback Assessments: SNA Study
Zoe Doran (2017-2020) - Exploring key determinants of eHealth innovation 
Inocencio Maramba (2018-2021) Improving Usability Maturity in the eHealth Development Ecosystem Through Collaborative Action Research

Grants & contracts

Evaluating online consultations in Devon and Cornwall (SW ASHN), £75k (2018) 

Patient Flow Management in Primary Care (2018) [£28k]

E-health Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall & Scilly (EU ERDF), £2.7M (2017) [£400k]

Technology Enhanced Cannulation Training, BD, £30k (2016)

Immersive Virtual Reality and Digital Health, Torbay Horizon Centre, £40k (2016)

Using immersive game enhanced virtual reality for healthcare and community education in Sierra Leone, THET, £136k (2015)

Modelling Spiral Curriculum online using Cognitive Task Analysis, £8k (2015)

Developing Distribute Simulation for IPC training in Liberia, MMEI, £64 (2015)

Inter-professional Education using Virtual patient, PeDRIO, £9k (2015)

Student-led podcasting for clinical education, Division of Medical Education, PMS, £6k (2014)

Immersive Dental Education using Dome technology, Wrigley Foundation, £104k (2013)

Patient and Public Involvement in Regulation, RST, Department of Health. £20k (2013)

Key publications are highlighted

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Chatterjee A 2019 'Distributed Simulation' in Forrest K; McKimm J Healthcare Simulation at a Glance John Wiley & Sons
Conference Papers
Stevens S & Chatterjee A 2019 'Social Capital Theory as a Framework for Stakeholder Connectivity Within an eHealth Innovation Ecosystem: a Case Study of the EPIC Project' 4th European Conference in Social Networks, Zurich 09/09/2019 12/09/2019
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