Anna Holcombe

Anna Holcombe

Associate Research Fellow in ORE Mooring Dynamics

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Anna Holcombe is a PhD student in the COAST engineering research group at the University of Plymouth. She holds a mechanical engineering BEng degree from Exeter University, and an MSc in renewable energy engineering from Exeter University. She has previously worked as a project manager in the onshore renewable energy sector. 

The focus of her research is on dynamic subsea power cables for floating offshore renewable energy. The project is focused on assessing the motions and loads of the cables using both numerical modelling and scaled physical testing.

Director of Studies: Dr Martyn Hann

Supervisors: Dr Shanshan Cheng, Dr Scott Brown, Dr Robert Rawlinson-Smith


MSc, Renewable energy engineering, University of Exeter, UK, 2021

BEng, Mechanical engineering, University of Exeter, UK, 2019