Professor Andy Phippen

Professor Andy Phippen

Professor of Social Responsibility in IT

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Programme Manager - Business Enterprise


1996-2001 PhD, "Component Technologies and their Impact upon Software Development"
1999-2000 Postgraduate Certificate of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE)
1992-1996 B.Sc. (Hons) Computing and Informatics (1st Class)

Professional membership

FBCS (Fellow of the British Computer Society), CITP, CEng
Member of the BCS Academic Accreditations Committee

Roles on external bodies

Research partner with the UK Safer Internet Centre
Member of Parliamentary IT Committee

Teaching interests

BMG301: Current Issues in Management
PGBS0120: Information Management and Research Methods
BSO305: Research methods and strategic management
BSO309: Business dissertation
PGBS0159: Management of Innovation

Research interests

Currently exploring issues in the use of technology in relationships:

The public engagement of ICT
Ethical and professional practice in the IT sector
eSafety, particularly among young people

Other research


Research groups

  • Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research (CSCAN)
  • i-DAT (Institute of Digital Art & Technology)

Recent publications include:

“Impacting Methodological Innovation in a Local GovernmentContext – Data Sharing Rewards and Barriers abstract”, Phippen, A., Raza, A.,Butel, L., Southern, R. Methodological Innovations Online Vol. 6 No. 1, May2011.

“Preventative actions for enhancing online protection andprivacy”, Furnell, S., Phippen, A., Von Solms, R. International Journal forInformation Technologies and Systems Approach. Vol. 4 No. 2. June 2011.

“Should We Do It Just Because We Can? Methodological andEthical Implications for Information Revelation in Online Social Networks”, A.Phippen, R. Davey and S. Furnell. Methodological Innovations Online Vol 4 No.3., December 2009.

“Securing the Next Generation: Enhancing e-safety AwarenessAmong Young People”, S. Atkinson, S. Furnell, A. Phippen, Computer Fraud andSecurity, July 2009.

“Who guides the little guy? Exploring security advice andguidance from retailers and ISPs”, S. Furnell, R. Shams, A. Phippen, ComputerFraud & Security, Volume 2008, Issue 12, 2008

“Security Beliefs and Barriers for Novice Internet Users”,Furnell S, Tsaganidi V., Phippen A. Computers & Security, Volume 27, Issues7-8, 2008

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"Issues in Implementing Service OrientedArchitectures", A. Phippen, J. Taylor, R.Allen, Internet Research 15.5.2005.

“An Evaluative Methodology for Virtual Communities using WebAnalytics”, A. Phippen, Campus Wide Information Systems, vol. 21, no. 5, 2004.

Reports & invited lectures

“Online Safety Policy and Practice in the UK – An Analysisof 360 degree safe self review data”. Phippen, A. Report for the UK Council forChild Internet Safety. June 2011.

“Sharing Personal Images and Videos Among Young People”.Phippen, A. Report for the UK Council for Child Internet Safety. June 2011.

“The I in Online – Analysis of Young People’s PrivacyQuestionnaire”, Phippen, A. Report for Speechly Bircham. March 2011.

“UK Safer Internet Centre – Professional Abuse Survey”,Phippen, A. Report for the UK Safer Internet Centre. March 2011.

“Online Safety Policy and Practice in the UK”, Phippen, A.,NAACE Advancing Education Journal, Autumn 2010 edition.

“Online Safety Policy and Practice in the UK – An Analysisof 360 degree safe self review data”, Phippen, A. Report for South West Gridfor Learning, September 2010.

“Tree Hugging or Sound Business Practice”, Institute forSmall Business and Entrepreneurship Enterprise Matters Magazine. July 2010.

“Evaluating Online Safety Programmes”, Phippen, A. Emmens,T, report for the Berkman Centre for the Internet and Society, HarvardUniversity. April 2010.

“Digital Talent for Digital Britain – Will the NextGeneration Achieve the Vision?”, eBritain. Autumn 2009.

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“More than Just a Cash Cow: Experiences of EmployerEngagement”, Phippen, A. Flux 2009 Proceedings.

“Response to Digital Britain Interim Report”, Phippen, A.,Furnell, S. Spring 2009.

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“eBritain 2.0: Where is the Next Generation?”, Phippen, A.eBritain Spring 2009 edition.

“Young People’s Views on the Identity Scheme”, Phippen A,Kennedy R. report for the Home Office, Identity and Passport Service. September2008

Additional information

Media experience with press, radio and television

Recent media coverage in BBC Radio 4, BBC3, Sky News, ITV Westcountry, Spotlight, BBC Radio Devon, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, Western Morning News, Plymouth Evening Herald,