Dr Andy Foggo

Dr Andy Foggo

Associate Professor in Ecology

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


My activities are split between my teaching/admin roles and my research. I remain engaged with the MRes in Marine Biology which is delivered in partnership with the Marine Biological Association and help the leader, Dr Michael Cunliffe with administration as well as delivering and assessing some components of the course. I'm also involved in teaching on the degrees forming the Marine Biology undergraduate scheme, delivering materials related to natural history and taxonomy, biostatistics, and the ecology of biodiversity. 
My main research interests are divided into two areas within aquatic ecology. One deals with spatial distributions and macroecology in marine, estuarine and freshwater habitats; we're currently entering the final phase of Deep Links, a large NERC funded project led by my colleague Dr Kerry Howell looking at biodiversity and connectivity in the deep sea. Soon we hope to have analyzable data and to begin production of outputs from the fieldwork. My other interest deals with grazer - alga interactions and in particular the role of induced defences in seaweeds as mediators of trophic interactions in a changing biosphere. I collaborate with Dr Dan Smale of the MBA, Dr Tony Knights and Prof. Jason Hall-Spencer here at Plymouth, Dr Pippa Moore at Aberystwyth and Dr Sam Rastrick from Norway in this field. I also have subsidiary interests that stem from application of numerical and statistical techniques to ecological questions, these include studies of diversity patterns in the deep sea (in collaboration with Dr Kerry Howell) and studies of non-native seaweeds in coastal habitats 


Associate Professor in Ecology, University of Plymouth (2015 - )

Lecturer in Ecology, University of Plymouth (1996-2015)

Drapers Company Junior Research Fellow, St Anne's College, Oxford (1995-1996)

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Oxford (1993-1994)

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Cambridge (1993)

DPhil, University of Oxford (1992)

Wiener Anspach Research Fellow, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium (1989-1990)

BA, University of Oxford (1987)

Staff serving as external examiners

External Validator: School of Biological Sciences, University of Surrey at Roehampton.

External Examining: University of Oxford (D.Phil), University of Surrey (PhD), Bangor University (PhD)

Research interests

Plant and algal interactions with herbivores - applying theories of plant-herbivore interaction developed in the terrestrial realm to marine cases. Especially interested in consequences of environmental change for dynamics of trophic interactions

Marine macroecology - particularly the role of physiology, dispersal and development in determining patterns of distribution and abundance of estuarine and marine organisms.

Spatial pattern in marine and freshwater organisms - determining the distribution of organisms in space and time, how these patterns arise, and what their implications are for population persistance and assemblage dynamics.

Factors affecting the proliferation and spread of non-native species and their ecosystem-level consequences

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

G.M. Prowse. PhD, 2003 (DoS)

M.T. Frost. PhD, 2003 (supervisor)

R. Power. M.Phil. (2004) DoS

L. MacAbendroth PhD 2005 (supervisor)

C.S. Mesher PhD 2009 (DoS)

S.L. deAmicis PhD 2012 (DoS)

N. Biber 2017 PhD (supervisor)

Grants & contracts

2013: Scaling empirically derived ocean acidification responses to naturally assembled systems. NERC £90,846. Co-I

PI - Rastrick, Co-I's: Solan, Hauton, Mark, Hall-Spencer, Foggo, Whitelely, Steel, Parker & Scott

2013: Influence of population connectivity on depth-dependent diversity of deep-sea marine benthic biota
£1,121,585. Co-I

PI - Howell 

Key publications are highlighted

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