Miss Anaelle Lemasson

Miss Anaelle Lemasson

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


PhD student in Marine Sciences. Implications of ocean acidification on the UK's commercial shellfish fisheries: a comparison of native and non-native species.

Supervisors: Antony Knights, Steve Fletcher, Jason Hall-Spencer, Roy Moate


MRes Marine Biology, Plymouth University and the MBA. Project: Investigations into the reproductive biology and larval ecology of two non-native ascidians, Corella eumyota and Asterocarpa humilis, in UK waters. Supervisors: John Bishop (MBA), Andy Foggo (PU). 

Bsc(Hn) Marine Biology and Oceanography, Skema School (France, Sophia-Antipolis) and Plymouth University. Project: The effects of a shift in temperature on the asexual reproduction of Aurelia aurita. Supervisor: John Spicer (PU).