The studio in use, image courtesy of Shearwater Studios

The studio in use, image courtesy of Shearwater Studios

If you’re wondering what opportunities Plymouth offers for students wanting to break into the music industry, then look no further! Not many people are aware that just a short walk from the city centre lies a multimedia recording studio. 

A multimedia space

Shearwater Studios was opened in late 2022 by three friends – Joe, Harry, and Jonah – with a passion for music and extensive experience in the industry. After a year and a half of hard work and planning, putting up walls, soundproofing and redecorating, the place was eventually transformed into the cosy and functional multimedia space you see today. 
“It was very satisfying when the laminate went down,” Harry says, recalling the moment that all their hard work came to fruition.  

As a multimedia space, Shearwater Studios aims to offer a range of services – from recording, mixing, and mastering your music to professional filming and photography services for you and your band – all at an affordable price. And thanks to the range of talent and connections at Shearwater Studios, bands will find themselves with offers that cover a wide ground.
 “The main nail that we wanted to hit on the head was trying to make it a bit of a one-stop-shop place for anything media related,” Harry says. 

Hideaway Sessions

With lots of exciting things yet to come, Joe’s favourite moment so far has been the Studio’s Hideaway evening. 
“We've started this series called Hideaway, which is like a tiny desk concert, or basically a really intimate gig we've hosted in our space,” Joe explains. Filled with fairy lights, cushions – and 40 people! – the studio became a place of laughter and live music. “Everything went exactly how I imagined it,” Joe says. “To see that amount of people in here and having people that you know from different walks of life all mingling, all having really good chats – the spirit of the evening was so strong.” 

The perfect internship host

With an atmospheric and welcoming environment, Shearwater Studios has been the perfect host for some of our student interns, including Natalie Morgan. From recording and mixing through to marketing, our interns have all enjoyed their time at Shearwater Studios. 
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“We spent a lot of time with our interns recording and mixing up drums and guitars, and then getting it into the system here and going through mixing techniques and the typical stuff you might do as an extracurricular,” Joe says. “We also made some sample packs. There was an alternative exercise where we recorded a lot of samples of me playing the drums various different ways, and we got them to be at the helm and control the project file, getting them to split up the audio and process stuff with us – which is a nice alternative thing to do as opposed to what you might typically do in a recording studio.” 

The best possible experience

Internships are beneficial for everyone involved, and our Marketing Intern has been a great help when it comes to social media. 
“She's helped us find our feet with content creation,” Joe says. “It's given us a bit of momentum. Now we've got a nice backlog of videos and reels and stuff that we can start putting out at our own pace.” 
Apart from having lots of knowledge and advice to share, the people at Shearwater Studios have made sure that all our interns have had the best possible experience, welcoming them with open arms. 
“They're all lovely,” Joe says, “we had a right laugh with them.” 
Two people working on a song at Shearwater Studios
Image courtesy of Shearwater Studios
This article was written by Aimee Whittle, BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing student as part of her internship with the School of Society and Culture.