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Plymouth Institute of Education recognises that developing close links with students and colleagues from other countries and cultures is an essential part of supporting intercultural understanding and of underpinning the development of a shared understanding of the benefits of education to the individual and the societies in which we live.

We welcome international collaboration and have set up a range of links with colleagues and students from other countries to share experience and explore ways of improving professional practice.

International opportunities may include:

  • study programmes for trainee teachers
  • doctoral study programmes
  • research projects to investigate and develop practice
  • consultancies to support the development and improvement of educational provision
  • study trips aboard
  • exchange opportunities.

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International opportunities with BEd Primary

Our BEd Primary students have the opportunity to undertake international school experience in a number of different nations.
Spend three weeks working in a school abroad observing and teaching, plus around six weeks travelling afterwards.
International Experiences