Myopia control clinic

The myopia clinic offers evidence-based optical treatments to slow down myopia in children and young adults.

As part of the consultation we will assess your eyes with advanced imaging instruments to assess the length, curvature and power of the eye. We will also ask you about your family history and lifestyle as some of these factors may affect how quickly your myopia progresses. If we find that you are a suitable candidate for myopia control then we will discuss the various options available and book you in for a myopia control contact lens fitting appointment. If we are able to successfully fit you with the contact lenses we will need to monitor your eyes regularly.

Please note that the clinics at CEE are student training clinics so registered Optometrist supervisors may be accompanied by trainee students.

More information for patients

If you or your child are myopic and you are interested in myopia control you can make a self-referral to our clinics.

Find out more information on our patients page

More information for practitioners

If you are practitioner, you can refer your patients to us by completing a referral form and sending it to us with the relevant information.

Find out more information on our practitioners page