Science and Technology Showcase
Here at the University of Plymouth we are enthusiastic about informing the next generation of mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists and navigators about the study of these subjects at degree level and the rewarding careers that they lead on to. In particular, we would like to offer your school an online talk or activity and soon hope to be able to visit you or invite you and your students to one of our on-campus events.
The School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics at the University of Plymouth welcome you to request an academic talk for your students. These will currently be held online. If you would like to request a talk, please complete the form and we will be in touch to arrange.

Talks currently available:

These talks are aimed at GCSE and A Level students.
Please complete the form to book a talk, If the talk you are interested in is not listed, get in contact and we can see what we can offer.


  • Artificial Intelligence: Building Machines that Think for Themselves (GCSE and A level) 
  • Cyber Security: Current Trends and Threat Landscape (GCSE and A level) 
  • Evaluating AI with the Turing Test (GCSE and A level) 
  • Intelligent Optimisation: Solving Computationally Hard Engineering Problems with AI (GCSE and A level) 
  • Investigating Computer Crime using Digital Forensics (GCSE and A level) 
  • Recommender Systems (GCSE and A level) 
  • Sentiment Analysis (GCSE and A level) 
  • The Truth Behind Biometrics (GCSE and A level) 
  • For partner colleges: Showcasing the University's computing programs (GCSE and A level)


  • A career in Engineering Design (GCSE and A level) 
  • Civil Engineers save the world (GCSE and A level) 
  • Coastal Engineering for Climate Change Adaptation (GCSE and A level) 
  • Effectiveness of Japans Tsunamis Defences (GCSE and A level) 
  • Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology (A level) 
  • The anatomy of an offshore power station (GCSE and A level) 
  • Towards Net Zero with Offshore Renewable Energy (GCSE and A level) 
  • Wave loading on rock lighthouses (GCSE and A level) 
  • What can engineers learn from the Wright Brothers and their development of the first successful aeroplane? (GCSE and A level) 
  • What is Engineering? (GCSE and A level) 
  • Progression routes from Partner College to University degrees, masters and PhDs (HNC/HND, FdD)


  • A revision of statistical tests (A level) 
  • Being Roughly Correct: guesstimation (GCSE and A level)
  • Counting to infinity and beyond! (A level) 
  • How not to add fractions (A level) 
  • Lace Patterns: how complicated mathematics can be captured using simple pictures (GCSE and A level) 
  • Non-Euclidean Geometry (GCSE and A level) 
  • Opening Doors - Mathematics Careers and Qualifications (A level) 
  • Proofs in Mathematics ( A level) 
  • Secret messages from Prisoners of war (GCSE and A level) 
  • The mathematics of water waves (GCSE and A level) 
  • Topology: Bend it like a mathematician (GCSE and A level) 
  • Triumphs and Challenges in Modern Mathematics (GCSE and A level) 

Mathematics/theoretical physics

  • Calculus from First Principles (A level) 
  • Chocolate, Mirrors and the Speed of Light (GCSE) 
  • From the Light Bulb to Quantum Supremacy (A level) 
  • How to build a light sabre (GCSE and A level) 
  • Large numbers (GCSE and A level) 
  • Light, waves and particles (A level) 
  • Mathematical Detective Work: dimensional analysis (GCSE and A level)
  • Measuring the cosmos (GCSE and A level) 
  • Opening Doors: Careers and Surprises with Mathematics (GCSE and A level) 
  • Particle Physics (A level)
  • Patterns of Proof (A level) 
  • The importance of the experimental studies of the muon to elementary particle physics (A level)
  • What's the Matter with Anti-Matter? (A level) 


  •  Robotics: CRNS Webniar Series (GCSE and A level) 

SciTech Showcase 2018 - 4
SciTech Showcase 2018 - 7
Students in a maths lecture using bubbles to illustrate structures and mathematical descriptions