Scientific dive module and project work

After completing the HSE Professional SCUBA course, you will have the chance to pick an optional module in scientific diving as part of your academic studies in the second year of your degree.

The first half of the module looks at developing personal dive survey and data collection skills including photography, lift bag use, quadrat surveys, collecting water samples and sediment core samples. The second half of the module allows you to bring these skills together and put them into practice by designing a dive survey and then undertaking the survey. The data collected is then presented, allowing for a ‘real-world’ experience of a dive project from start to finish.

Throughout your second and third year, you'll have the opportunity to participate in various dive projects. These projects may be to assist with ongoing research, to collect data for BSc and MSc projects, as well as projects for external partners including the Marine Biological Association and National Marine Aquarium.

As well as assisting on projects, you will also be able to undertake your own diving projects as part of your final year dissertation.

<p>Sediment erosion</p>
Sediment movement project
<p>Recovery of Acoustic Logger from Rame Head, Plymouth</p>
Acoustic Logger Recover - Plymouth
<p>Sediment sample collection</p>
Sediment sample collection
<p>Water sample collection</p>
Water sample collection
<p>Student dive pair researching pink seafans</p>
Pink sea fan survey
<p>Student divers entry from platform of Wavedancer</p>