Students undertaking practical work in the Clinical Skills Resource Centre
Our impressive Clinical Skills Resource Centre allows medical students to develop vital clinical and communication skills in a safe, supported environment before experiencing the pressure of a real clinical setting. 
Located on our North Campus, the training rooms are packed full of modern equipment and act as replicas of NHS wards and emergency departments, to allow for authentic, hands-on learning.

CSRC learning room

Our teaching rooms have the specific equipment and resources students need to learn the variety of different skills required as a doctor. With examination couches and equipment trolleys, clinical skills tutors can teach neurological examinations to eight students at a time. 
Learning rooms allow you to: 
  • Undertake physical examinations
  • Conduct patient and family interviews 
  • Develop diagnostic skills 
  • Perform a variety of practical procedures 

SimMan and Simulation Suites

Our SimSuites are set up to represent acute hospital areas - such as emergency department bays and resuscitation rooms, and include the equipment you would expect to find in these areas, from patient trolleys and PPE to bedside monitoring and resuscitation devices. 
SimMan is our medium fidelity patient simulator, who is computer controlled to reproduce clinical signs and symptoms, and also respond to your actions. 
The benefits of SimMan include: 
  • Highly realistic patient simulation training experiences to improve learning, teamwork, leadership and communication skills
  • Provides you with practice in training for unusual real-life cases 
  • Realistic anatomy enable a wide range of medical interventions to be practiced 
  • The interactive manikin provides immediate feedback

Supported Student Learning room (sharps)

Students are able to practice skills learned in sessions when it suits their schedule, by booking time and equipment in the SSL room.
The body part trainers in this space allow the practice of venepuncture, IV cannulation, arterial blood gas sampling, injection techniques, sharps safety and skin suturing.

Scrub room

The scrub room comprises of scrub sinks to enable students to learn the skills of surgical scrubbing, gowning and gloving prior to undertaking placements in hospital operating theatres. 

Control room

Simulated scenarios (such as those practiced with SimMan) are controlled by teaching staff from the control room, behind a one-way mirror. 
An audio-visual link allows the scenarios to be recorded for debriefing, and for video feeds to be shown in other rooms to students observing remotely. 
Physician associates clinical skills
Students with Sim Man
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