HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales
MWS – HMTU trains specialist Officers and Ratings of the Royal Navy's Warfare Branch in hydrography, meteorology and oceanograpy to provide a thorough understanding of the complex physical environment in which the ships, aircraft, submarines and people of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines operate.
The school delivers internationally renowned training for Royal Navy personnel, as well as students sponsored by foreign governments.
Courses inevitably contain a good measure of theory and science but focus upon practical skills and experience, that prepare personnel for duties in sea-going and shore based jobs. You’ll gain the necessary skills to observe, record, analyse and forecast conditions from the seabed to the outer limits of the atmosphere.
You'll use the latest equipment and techniques throughout each course to ensure that you are fully prepared to work in all manner of roles, in platforms that vary from the smallest to the largest in the Fleet. The advent of multi-beam echo sounders, digital side-scan sonar, underwater unmanned vehicles, 'on-screen' meteorological analysis and satellite remote sensing are a few examples of technological developments that continue to revolutionise the HM business. 
Our courses are nationally and internationally accredited with certification provided by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), the World Meteorological Organization, the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Council (soon to be replaced with the Qualifications and Credit Framework) and the Institute of Marine Engineers, Scientists and Technicians (IMarEST).