Creative writing: finding your voice

An introduction to creative writing


Join our thriving community of writers and take your creative writing ambitions to the next level. Whether you’re just curious about the craft or looking to brush up on the fundamentals of writing, this short course is designed to give you confidence in your next writing project and allow your ideas to come alive.

This course will give you the tools necessary to further your writing aims and gain a valuable insight into the techniques that great writers rely on. Throughout the course we’ll draw inspiration from the fascinating world of contemporary writing, focusing on the broad and powerful elementals of craft which all writers, whether poets, playwrights or novelists, use to make their voice unique.

You’ll benefit from experienced writers and teachers who can inspire and guide your writing at every step of the way, with interactive sessions focused on your writing goals.

About the course

  • H Part-time, online short course
  • & Six weeks: 2 February – 9 March
  • c Tuesday: 7-9pm
  • * Cost: £320

Careers with this subject

Creative Writing is a valued skill among employers, and this course may be particularly suitable for those interested in the following industries:

  • Journalism and article writing
  • Advertising and copywriting
  • Marketing, social media and digital marketing
  • Professional writer
  • Teaching
  • Other creative industries

CPD Skills you’ll develop

  • Practical line by line writing skills
  • Creative thought and abilities
  • Communication and articulation
  • Confidence in writing
  • Understanding of your own creative process

Key Features

  • Join a thriving writing community and work with published authors.
  • Equip yourself with the fundamentals of craft across poetry and prose.
  • Develop your sense of voice through activities and work-shopping.
  • Enjoy a supportive and inspiring teaching environment.
  • Begin to develop an understanding of your creative process.
  • Gain valued creative skills and an insight into the writing industry.
  • Engage with the exciting world of contemporary writing.

Course details

Finding your voice is a six week course and consists of a weekly two-hour seminar.

Week one – Seeing is believing
Showing, Telling, and Decapitating Your Reader

Week two – Ideas and inspiration
Sewing Seeds and Lighting Fires

Week three – Plot and rising tension
The Ancient Art of And Then What Happened?!

Week four – Character and voice
The Beat of Desire and Dialogue

Week five – Theme and drafting…
What is it really about?

Week 6 – Dear Editor….
Being a Gunslinger and Getting Published

Entry requirements

An interest in creative writing. This course is designed for beginners or for those looking to refresh their understanding of the craft.

Fees and concessions


10% concessions available for University of Plymouth students, alumni and returning short course students.

How to apply

Please complete our online application form.

For more information, email

What to expect

Over the course of six weeks, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of writing, allowing you to refresh your current goals or gain the skills to step onto the page with confidence.

You’ll develop your sense of voice in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere, benefitting from the feedback of your peers and tutor and ultimately contributing to the varied world of contemporary creative writing.

Sam Kemp is a widely published poet and creative writing lecturer who leads the Advanced Poetry module. He designed Finding Your Voice as an inspiring introduction to the fundamental guidelines of poetry and fiction, covering the main rules of writing, and when to break them. His recent publications include Stand, Lighthouse, and Mechanics’ Institute Review, and he placed in the Streetcake Experimental Writing Award 2020 (forthcoming). You can find more of his work at and catch him on Twitter @Skempoetry, and Instagram @samkempoetry.