Plymouth Institute of Education direct entrant students

Here you will find all the information you need regarding registration with Plymouth University, useful links to our academic regulations and processes, transcript insert information and how to contact the professional services team at Plymouth University. 

All information on this webpage is intended for students who are studying at one of our partner colleges:

  • Cornwall College
  • Exeter College
  • Petroc
  • South Devon College
  • Truro & Penwith College
  • Taunton & Bridgwater College
  • Devon Primary SCITT Hub
  • Peninsula SCITT Hub


Once you have been accepted on your course by the partner college we set up a student record for you at the University. You will then need to complete a registration process with the University. 

Your college will contact you with details of how to log in and the information you will need. This needs to be done for each year of your study if you are studying part time or repeat a year. 

By engaging with this process you are able to check the information we have on record for you and make any changes. Completing the process sets your record to live on our student database, and in your first year of study triggers the production of your University ID card and creates a university computing and email account. This gives you access to our online resources and campus facilities.

Your college will be able to advise you on how to forward emails to your college email account so you do not have to monitor an additional email account. Because of data security considerations, any emails sent to you from the professional services team will be sent to your Plymouth University student email address.

Please read through the guidance notes and frequently asked questions below before completing your registration with Plymouth University.

Guidance notes and FAQs


Please note:

As your contract is with your partner college, you are paying fees to that college so the fee information should be completed by putting a tick in the ‘No fees payable box’ and enter the reason type as ‘partner college’

PGCE – Additional Transcript Inserts

If you are studying on a PGCE ITT programme, you can either exit with a postgraduate award (PGCE) or if you do not achieve 60 credits at Level 7 you may exit with the Level 6 (honours level undergraduate study) of Professional Graduate Certificate in Education. 

There are lots of options open to you and the current electronic version of the transcript inserts will be linked to from this page when they are available.

Contacting us

We look forward to helping you with any queries you may have. Each programme has a dedicated Programme Administrator who you may get to know during your studies; however, please direct all emails to our generic inbox so your query can be dealt with as quickly as possible.