Plants and flowers

Sustainability is integral to the University, Plymouth is realising the concept of the ‘Sustainable University’.

We aim to support and position the School of Nursing and Midwifery as a leading centre of excellence, embedding sustainability in our curricula and delivering evidence-informed sustainability education.

Through our curricula, we develop practitioners who will be equipped to provide healthcare in a changing environment. We encourage students to be critically engaged and reflect on themselves and their relationships with others and with the environment.

This is supported by groups such as the Sustainability Health and Wellbeing Interest Group (SHWIG) and the Centre for Sustainable Futures

We collaborate with other disciplines, for example design students, paramedics, psychologists and NHS trust waste managers to work with and exchange knowledge with nursing and midwifery students to develop ways to manage the impacts of climate change and sustainability challenges faced in health care.

Light bulb with plant inside, growing in the soil