VOYAGE is an inter-disciplinary initiative that harnesses research and innovation in the field of ageing across the University and its many external partners. Through seven complementary themes bringing together over 75 academics, from such diverse disciplines as social sciences, robotics, mathematics and computing, engineering, biomedicine, psychology, arts and the health professions, VOYAGE is creating research knowledge and utilising expertise to proactively support initiatives focused on healthy ageing and well-being within diverse communities. VOYAGE is built upon Plymouth's great exploratory tradition as well as it's unique geographical position in the heart of the South West peninsula and aspires to be at the forefront of finding solutions to the challenges of a demographically changing society. 

An ageing society

VOYAGE builds upon Plymouth’s great tradition of exploration and has been set up to address the issues posed by one of the biggest global challenges of our time: an ageing society.

  • How to sustain an adequate standard of living and quality of life for older people?
  • How to provide appropriate services and facilities such as healthcare and social care? 
  • How to ensure the effectiveness and financial sustainability of our systems and institutions?

Everything will have to change: there will be more demand for housing, transport, food, and particularly a change in medical needs. At the same time this demographic shift also poses enormous opportunities both for markets to adapt and respond to the change in demand and to harness the contributions of older people’s time, skills and expertise as a major source of social capital and resource for community sustainability.

The reciprocal benefits to the well-being of ageing individuals and their communities of continued societal engagement in later life is currently a major area of interest and research investment across government and other sectors.

"As someone who is totally committed to helping our society tackle the many challenges – including dementia – that an ageing population presents, I am really excited about the innovative approach developed by University of Plymouth within its VOYAGE initiative. Bringing together experts from diverse disciplines across inter-connected themes creates great opportunities to develop fresh perspectives and ground-breaking solutions that help overcome these challenges."

Angela Rippon OBE
National Dementia Care Ambassador
Alzheimer's Society

Angela Rippon

Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research

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