Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a world-leading programme that helps businesses succeed by connecting them to the UK's diverse academic knowledge base. Part-funded by government, it's a partnership between a business seeking expertise, an academic institution (such as the University of Plymouth) and a recently qualified graduate/postgraduate - known as the KTP Associate.

Our Innovation Funding Managers help you scope out your KTP project idea, link businesses with academics, prepare and then submit the grant application. Once funded, the University and business jointly recruit the KTP Associate and then your project begins. 

It's a powerful partnership

The benefits of taking part in a KTP:

  • businesses achieve an average increase in pre-tax profit of £600k per annum for the three years following completion of a KTP project
  • academic partners produce on average more than three new research projects and two research papers for each KTP project
  • around 64 per cent of Associates are offered a permanent job in the company when the KTP project completes.


We provide KTP for:

Collaborate with industry and plan your next REF impact case study.

Sharing knowledge, unlocking potential, delivering success.

A graduate level job with a handsome development budget.