Why standing is important for people with MS

SUMS study participants share their experiences

Many people with MS develop severe walking and balance problems and consequently spend much of their day sitting down. 

Prolonged immobility can lead to the development of other problems (e.g. pressure sores, muscle wasting, contractures and pain) which can accelerate disability, mimic disease progression, impact on quality of life and cause increased healthcare needs. These problems can often be minimised if physical activity is increased. 

Many people with MS, however, find exercise difficult because of their inability to stand safely. Standing frames offer people with MS a safe environment in which to stand, move and exercise whilst in an upright position within the home setting.

Benefits of using a standing frame

These three short videos describe the benefits that study participants with MS experienced from using the standing frame

Six years on
Sally and John share their stories of how they are continuing to benefit from regularly using a standing frame at home

Feeling like the old me
Participants from the study describe how it made them feel to stand fully upright again

Noticing a difference
Participants from the study describe the physical changes they saw following regular use of a standing frame

Using the frame as part of a home-based management programme: a narrative account

'Real stories are about actual people. True stories reflect real life situations that people encounter’
(Fairbairn, 2002)
This narrative describes the experience of individuals over the nine month duration of the SUMS study. We thank the people with MS who generously shared with us their stories, from which this narrative was created.

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