How to obtain a standing frame

A guide for people with MS, their families and carers

Standing frames are usually prescribed by physiotherapists. If you are living with MS and would like to try using a standing frame, the first step is to contact is your local neuro physiotherapist or get referred to your local service if you are not in contact with a physiotherapist. Your GP can help with this. A physiotherapy assessment is important to determine whether a standing frame could be useful.

Although the information on this website refers to the use of Oswestry standing frames, there are many different types of standing frames, offering different levels of support, and a physiotherapist will be able to decide which one is best for your needs.

Standing frames are different to devices such as stand-aids or turn-tables which help people to transfer while supporting them to stand for a few minutes while the transfer takes place. A standing frame usually supports someone in a fully upright standing position for a period of time and is used for the purpose of standing rather than for transfers.

Obtaining a standing frame

Information for both therapists and people with MS which we hope will be useful to ease the process of obtaining a standing frame for use at home

An example standing frame service
Jody Barber, experienced neurological physiotherapist, talks about the standing frame service her team has developed for people with MS

Man using and Oswestry Standing Frame

Ordering frames: size guide
In the SUMS study, an Oswestry standing frame was used although other frames are available. Here is the size guide when ordering an Oswestry frame

Paperwork, Courtesy of shutterstock

Special order form template for Oswestry standing frame
This template provides an example of how you (as a therapist) might describe the evidence-based, clinical rationale for ordering a frame