Visiting a virtual beach improves experience of dental appointment
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"Bottled nature" in the form of virtual reality (VR) can help reduce patients' pain levels.

Plymouth psychologists found that patients who were able to walk around a natural environment using the technology experienced reduced levels of anxiety.

The natural environment was a key factor, the researchers added, as those who experienced an urban VR environment did not receive the same benefits.

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Read the Open Access publication 'The Soothing Sea' from Environment and Behaviour

Sabine Pahl, co-ordinator of the research

Walking around the virtual city did not improve outcomes, showing that merely distracting the patients isn’t enough, the environment for a patient’s visit needs to be welcoming and relaxing. It would be interesting to apply this approach to other contexts

Published in Environment & Behaviour, by the Universities of Plymouth, Exeter and Birmingham who worked with Torrington Dental Practice in Devon.

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Associate Professor Sabine Pahl