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This event took place on Wednesday 18 October 2023.
We are proud to present the Inaugural Professorial Lecture of Professor Mona Nasser
Utilising systematic reviews with interdisciplinary topics that demonstrate diverse study design (clinical, animal and in-vitro) can present many challenges. As a methodologist, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Oral Health Research, Mona Nasser focuses her work on how these challenges might be overcome when applied to space medicine. 
In her inaugural lecture, Professor Mona Nasser DDS, MSc, PhD, FHEA told the story of how she chased her curiosity to build an intriguing and successful research career. She talked about her journey in the evidence-based healthcare movement and how she has developed frameworks to advance initiatives around setting priorities for research. As co-founder and leader of the Cochrane Priority Setting Methods Group, Mona has brought together researchers and professionals interested in methods to set priorities for research.   
Mona’s recent work facilitates collaboration between individuals from different disciplines, such as humanities, the arts, robotics engineering and cybersecurity, to identify new technological and training solutions which address the ordeal different individuals face when visiting dental practices. Her research also explores the challenges humans experience in extreme environments, such as disaster areas or outer space. 
Having been appointed, in July 2023, as the Director of Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research (PIHR), Professor Nasser is able to build further on her cross-disciplinary approach to research. She works with experts from various other disciplines to tackle the complex challenges within the social and healthcare sectors. 
There was an opportunity for Mona to answer your questions at the end of her lecture. 
You are welcome to join us for University of Plymouth's Inaugural Professorial Lecture series, which provide a milestone event in a professorial career. Through these we can promote and celebrate the academic reputation and achievements within their research.  
Space medicine project- Mona Nasser

Advancing methods on allocating resources for research: Dr Mona Nasser

Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 case study
The REF is a system for assessing research in UK HEIs. Dr Mona Nasser was one of the University of Plymouth researchers in 2021. 
Watch Mona's case study to find out more about her research. 

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