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The Centre for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Plymouth has active research groups in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Theoretical Physics, and strong collaborative links internationally and within the UK.

CMS research areas

Applied Mathematics

Areas of active research include:

  • applied and computational fluid dynamics
  • dynamical systems
  • financial mathematics
  • numerical simulations using HPC and GPGPUs
  • stochastic algorithms.

Pure Mathematics

Areas of active research include:

  • dynamical systems
  • graph theory
  • twistor theory
  • differential algebra
  • algebraic systems theory
  • moduli spaces.

Pure mathematics
CMS research areas

Statistics and Data Science

Areas of active research include:

  • modelling and inference
  • statistical learning and big data
  • statistical methods in health and medicine
  • statistical methods in business and finance
  • statistics education.

Theoretical Physics

Active research is focused on:

  • non perturbative phenomena in the Standard Model of Particle Physics and beyond
  • lattice Gauge Theories and Large scale Monte-Carlo simulations
  • fundamental physics at the intensity frontier.

CMS research areas