The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Resources for children and families

This activity aims to promote creativity and imagination based on the book ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ by Judith Kerr. At the bottom of the page you can view and download PDF posters with ideas for activities and questions.

Activities you can do with children

  • Organise a tea party.
  • Design and make invitations.
  • Bring your favourite animal to your tea party. It could be a teddy, a toy or you can make your own!
  • Use playdoh or arts and crafts to make animal friends. You can make playdoh using water, flour and salt.
  • Draw or paint your tea party.
  • Take a photo of your animal at your tea party.

Don’t forget you can use recycled materials.

Questions to ask children to promote learning through play:

  • Who has been invited? How many guests do we have?
  • What are they made out of?
  • What are yours and your guests favourite food?
  • What yummy food are you going to make?
  • How is everyone today?
  • What are we drinking?
  • How did you make this delicious food?

<p>imaginative cake made from cardboard&nbsp;</p>