Look After Your Planet

Resources for children and families

This activity aims to promote creativity, imagination and encourage children to look after the environment, based on the book ‘Charlie and Lola: Look After Your Planet’ by Lauren Child. At the bottom of the page you can view and download PDF posters with ideas for activities and questions.

Activities you can do with children

  • Find out what interests your child. Perhaps tractors, fairies, animals, bugs, or activities like fishing, tennis or gardening.

Remember to reuse materials you would put in the recycling bin.

  • You could get really creative with textures and colors. Emma made an enormous bright yellow sunflower out of cardboard and tin foil, whilst Kelly made a magnificent pink castle out of cardboard tubes and wrapping paper.

This activity aims to promote reuse from the Three R’s of Recycling

Reduce - to use fewer resources.

Reuse - repurposed instead of throwing away materials.

Recycle - placing waste material aside to be recycled instead of throwing in the bin.

Questions to ask children to promote learning through play:

  • What do you think goes into the recycling bin?  
  • What do you think goes into the rubbish bin?
  • Do you know where paper comes from? If not sure, maybe find out together.
  • What are you going to make out of your recycling?  
  • How many items are you using to make your amazing toy/object? Can you count them?  
  • What recyclable materials are you going to use? What is this material? Plastic, paper, cardboard and/or metal?
  • What was this used for before it went in the recycling?
  • Who comes and collects the recycling?  
  • What day do they come and collect the recycling waste?
  • Where do they take the recycling after?
  • Talk me through your fabulous toy/object?
  • Why do we recycle?
  • What were used for before they were put in the recycling waste? 
  • How many different materials have collected? 
  • What are made from? Plastic? Foil? Cardboard? Paper?
  • What texture do each of the materials have? Are they smooth, rough, maybe they're bumpy?