Information for professionals supporting people recovering from COVID-19

Providing dietary and nutritional support for COVID-19 recovery

Welcome to the section of the Nutrition and COVID-19 recovery knowledge hub designed for those working with people recovering from COVID-19 infection.

This includes all health and social care professionals and people working in the third sector (voluntary and community organisations, charities, self-help and community groups, social enterprises etc.).

If you work in any of these roles you may be in a position to notice nutritional problems and be a trusted source of information. 

This site will:

  • provide you with tools to deliver high quality nutritional care
  • help you understand when to seek the advice of a nutritional expert
  • provide pages that can be signposted for the public to reference.

The long-term nutritional effects of COVID-19 are generally unknown and some are being studied. Some presented information draw on nutritional impact of serious infections, social isolation and other comorbidities. Please be aware research is limited around dietary advice, nutritional supplements, nutrition support, phytomedicine (herbal medicine), food insecurity (disruption of food intake or eating patterns due to lack of money and other resources) (1), quarantine-related behaviour and weight changes (2).

Please choose from one of the sections below for further information.

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(1) Gundersen C, Ziliak JP. Food Insecurity And Health Outcomes. Health Affairs. 2015 Nov 1;34(11):1830–9.

(2) Mechanick JI, Carbone S, Dickerson RN, Hernandez BJD, Hurt RT, Irving SY, et al. Clinical Nutrition Research and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Scoping Review of the ASPEN COVID-19 Task Force on Nutrition Research. JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2021 Jan;45(1):13–31.