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Formerly known as CHITCHAT, the Culture and Heritage Exchange (CHEx) is a knowledge exchange initiative for the School of Law, Criminology and Government. This initiative engages academic researchers, industry professionals, heritage stakeholders, and the general public in interdisciplinary conversations through transmedia methods, sources, and platforms. The study of culture and heritage (through the lens of the school’s diverse academic subjects) offers an important forum for the discussion of key influences and temporal trajectories that have helped shape the present. The initiative is proactive in disseminating its members’ research through its events such as public exhibitions, film showings and public seminars. The CHEx website also holds an archive of primary source data, such as oral history interviews, focus group discussions and witness seminar transcripts that have been collected during the course of the initiative’s research projects.

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Professor Judith Rowbotham, Visiting Researcher, on the Importance of Heritage

CHEx member, Professor Judith Rowbotham is a Visiting Researcher in Plymouth's School of Law, Criminology and Government and a Director of SOLON Interdisciplinary Studies in Law, Crime and History

In this video Judith speaks about the value of heritage and the role it plays in underpinning individual, community and national identities. 

She describes how the work of CHEx will show how crime has shaped heritage across Plymouth and the South West of England and emphasises the importance that this understanding can play in developing our future.