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Our vision is to take our place in shaping a sustainable and just future for all. We will achieve this by working together with our students, colleagues, partners and communities towards our shared priorities.

What is the Sustainable Social Justice Initiative?

The Sustainable Social Justice Initiative focuses the combined efforts of our students, academic colleagues and community partners in the pursuit of social justice. Through the Initiative we identify the common aims and priorities that we all share, and facilitate collaborative projects that harness the skills and expertise of all involved. These opportunities benefit students by engaging in the real world application of skills and knowledge, supports our academic colleagues to generate meaningful impact from research and supports our community partners to achieve their aims for a fairer, safer and more inclusive society.

Developed by academics within the University of Plymouth criminology team, the Initiative supports all of our social science students including those studying sociology and anthropology. We aim to expand their disciplinary knowledge and understanding of social justice and apply it to contribute effectively within collaborative multi-agency partnership settings focused on achieving change.

Students are supported to become socially conscious and valuable citizens, with the relevant skills and experiences needed to influence and impact changes in our social systems and structures for the benefit of the most excluded and marginalised. Our community partners benefit from the involvement of both students and expert academic staff who provide additional skills capacity to achieve our shared goals for a better society.

Academic colleagues within criminology, sociology, anthropology and beyond are engaged in cutting edge research into the contemporary issues that are central to the development of a sustainable, socially just world for all of our communities. Research that explores violence, inequalities, social harms, consumer culture, the political economy, drug use and rehabilitation, community justice, desistance, alcohol and the night-time economy and victimisation.

Our local, national and global research is conducted across disciplines, institutions and organisations. It seeks to include our students and partners in the development of ideas for new research into under-researched or misunderstood areas of social life. As academics we have a responsibility to ensure our research is robust, ethical and has impact. SSJI collaborative projects bring together our students, social justice organisations and communities in the co-production of knowledge aimed at developing sustainable solutions to social issues.

Embedded within our teaching and learning is a process that guides students in their reflections about what matters in our world. The SSJI provides keys opportunities for students to engage with these issues in a way that provides a real-world contextualisation of their academic knowledge. In these employment and partnership settings, our students enhance key skills to become socially-minded citizens, able to facilitate their own aspirations for future study or employment. 

Making a difference and having an impact...

The Sustainable Social Justice Initiative works in partnership with others to ensure that the knowledge generated from our academic research is shared beyond the university and our students in ways that contributes to, benefits and influences society, culture, our environment and the political economy.

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make change” 

(Barbara Mikulski)

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Victim Support Devon & Cornwall Provider Conference 

The University of Plymouth jointly hosted the Victim Support Provider Conference 2023. 
Karen Bond, Employability and Community Knowledge Exchange Projects Officer at Plymouth, spoke about her role within the University which is about supporting students on their journey from studying at the university into employment in the sector. Her ask of the sector representatives was to consider university students more when looking for volunteers, job opportunities and potential research opportunities. 
The Commissioning Team from the Office for Police Crime Commissioner in Devon & Cornwall ran an interactive session with attendees participating in a focus group session which explored various questions surrounding hate crime. 
Other speakers and groups represented included the Barnardo's Exceed Service, Soo Brizell, Raj Patel and Jonathan Borrett. Covering topics such as police support, information sharing, safeguarding and new victim services.
Victim Support Conference 2023

The Children in Devon Affected by Parental Imprisonment Project

The Criminology team in the University of Plymouth’s School of Society and Culture set up and ran an online conference on 3 May 2022. 
The event aimed to bring together the people, organisations, professionals, and workforces involved in supporting the children and families of prisoners, to raise awareness about the wellbeing inequalities experienced, and to improve the connectivity and collaboration of organisations in Devon that provide support. 
Hand in jail. Father's hand lead his child/son

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Collaborate with us, to evidence your work, problem solve and advance our shared vision for a just society together. Benefit from specialist skills, knowledge and experience of our academics and students assisting with;
  • Support to problem solve/face challenges
  • Research informed practice
  • Cutting edge research

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