Resources for workplaces supporting caregiving fathers

Following Dr Jasmine Kelland's research

How can organisations and governments better support care giving fathers? 

Dr Kelland aims to provide you with practical guidelines on how to support men with caregiving responsibilities, and address the ‘fatherhood forfeits’ to improve equality in the workplace in the workplace – to the benefit of the parents themselves, organisations, governments and society more generally. 
Further resources:
Equal Parenting Project: Enhancing gender equality in the workplace by promoting shared parenting and flexible work practices.
Jasmin Kelland's book 'Caregiving fathers in the workplace', book cover
Caregiving Fathers in the Workplace – Organisational Experiences and the Fatherhood Forfeit, draws upon years of research by Dr Jasmine Kelland, exploring the experiences and perceptions of caregiving fathers in the UK.
Dr Kelland says: 
“Fathers undertake a more active role in the ‘hands on’ parenting than in previous generations while mothers are increasing their contribution to the labour market. But our working arrangements remain ‘gendered’ to a significant extent.”