Dr Jasmine Kelland

Dr Jasmine Kelland

Lecturer in Human Resource Studies/Leadership

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Dr Kelland is a Lecturer in Human Resource Management and a Programme Leader at the University of Plymouth. Prior to her career in academia she had a successful career in HR Management, working for organisations such as ITV, NHS and Boots the Chemist.
Dr Kelland’s work on the ‘fatherhood forfeit’ has been widely cited within the press (such as The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph,The Independent, The Mail and New Scientist), by professional bodies (such as CIPD) and she has contributed to numerous blogs and webinars on the topic of fathers at work. Her ‘fatherhood forfeit’ research has been published by the House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee and referred to in a House of Commons debate exploring ‘Fathers in the Family’. She has presented her research to the UK Parliament All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fatherhood, professional and international academic conferences and numerous organisations. Additionally, she regularly discusses the challenges facing caregiving fathers through media outlets such as Sky News and BBC Radio. 
Full details of her research can be found on the website- www.fatherhoodforfeits.com
Her book “Caregiving Fathers in the Workplace: Organisational Experiences and the Fatherhood Forfeit” , published by Palgrave Macmillan  is out now 


University of Plymouth:
· Doctorate in Philosophy, entitled “Fathers at Work: Challenges and Stereotypes Facing Fathers with Caregiving Responsibilities in Employment” (2019)
· Post graduate Certificate in Methodology (2014)
· Post graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (2014)
· Masters in Personnel and Development (2013)
· Post graduate Diploma in Personnel and Development (1999)
University of Hertfordshire:
· Bsc (Hons) in Psychology with Business (1997)

Professional membership

Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Roles on external bodies

Member of the Academic Advisory Board - Working Families 
Board Director- The Dads Network


Teaching interests

Module Leader-  HRL7001/ HRL7001 HA / HRL7001 HKU- Ethical Resourcing -
 Module Lead Teaching across different levels of experience, from those with vast HR experience to those with no HR experience, from a wide variety of cultures in which the practice of HRM is very varied. Delivering all lectures, marking, and utilisation of my HRM network to enable enrichment events such as site visits, guest lectures and employability evenings to significantly enhance the learning experience.  
 Module Leader- HRL6007- Equality and Diversity in a Modern Organisation- Module Lead Working with a module tutor to deliver lectures and seminars to ensure maximum learning opportunities for the students.  
 Module Tutor- PBS7000- Capstone Project - Tutor Delivery of subject-specific sessions for HR students and supervision of projects and project supervisor 
Programme Leader MA in Human Resource Management (since 2016)

 Programme Leader MAHRM – Senior People Professional, Higher Apprenticeship 
 Programme Leader MAHRM HKU SPACE 

Staff serving as external examiners

I was an External Examiner at UWE for 2 years (2018-2020)


Research interests

My main area of research is focused on the challenges faced by caregiving fathers at work and I have called this the ‘Fatherhood Forfeit’. I have been recognised nationally and internationally for my research in this field, published in Gender, Work and Organization Journal (3*) in 2022 and published a book with Palgrave Macmillan entitled “Caregiving Fathers in the Workplace- Organisational Responses and the Fatherhood Forfeit.
-My ‘Fatherhood Forfeit’ research has attracted government attention and I have presented my research at the Fatherhood All Party Parliamentary Group at Portcullis House in Westminster (2018) to MPs and leaders in the field, to the UK Parliament Flexible Working Roundtable, chaired by Tulip Siddiq (MP) and Laura Farris (MP) (2021) and my research was referred to in a House of Commons debate regarding ‘Fathers in the Family’ (1 March 2017). I have been a member of the Across Party Policy Group of the Government Fatherhood Group in Portcullis House, Westminster since 2018 and recently was approached by Bryan Halka from the Department of Trade and Business to join their advisory group for their Shared Parental Leave evaluation. 
- I have presented my ‘Fatherhood Forfeit” research at international research conferences (see below) and been invited to undertake numerous personal appearances to share my research (such as Sky News, Radio, Webinars, Podcasts see below). In addition, I am regularly asked by organisations and professional bodies to share my research to help them develop organisational thinking regarding the management of parents in work and to increase equality. This has been ongoing since my original research was released and in the last year has included the NHS Confederation Women Leaders conference, UKVI  and Google.
-I have had a wide variety of citations of my ‘Fatherhood Forfeit’ research highlighting my ability to provide an original, innovative and creative contribution to my field of research. Additionally, I am regularly asked to contribute to articles in the trade press (People Management, Personnel Today), national and international press which has included The Times, The Guardian, Financial Times, most recently the Wall Street Journal, Professional Bodies (CIPD) and government reports (Select Committee Reports and Recommendations). 
- As a result of my fatherhood research I have been asked to join the Academic Advisory Board of the charity ‘Working Families’ and invited to join the Board of the southwest-based charity “The Dads Network” due to my fatherhood research. I have also been approached by Professor Anna Tarrant (University of Lincoln) and Dr Mark Gatto (University of Northumbria) to support them in establishing a Fatherhood Inclusion Conference and a Working Party as a mechanism by which to attract funding to undertake research and share research. When they contacted me they stated, “We thought of you as someone who is doing tremendous work as an engaged scholar in this area and wondered if you might be interested in having a conversation with us about possible avenues for a research collaboration?”.

- I am also recognised for my research internationally, as illustrated recently when I was asked by Professor Richard Petts (Ball State University) to join him and other international fatherhood scholars (see below) to take part in a Fatherhood Symposium at the Work- Family Researchers Network Conference in Montreal in June 2024.
I am currently in the process of extending this research, exploring the post-covid experiences of caregiving fathers.
Fatherhood Forfeits Follow-Up Study Project 
Building on my PhD study exploring the experiences of caregiving fathers that I identified as being fraught with ‘fatherhood forfeits’, I secured R1A Funding for a Research Assistant to support my ongoing research . As a consequence, data were collected from caregiving fathers in the Summer of 2023. A report of key findings was produced and launched with a webinar in line with International Men’s Day in November 2023. The report was uploaded to my fatherhoodforfeits.com website.  An academic journal article will follow in Spring 2024. I discussed the results in Radio Devon and an article was published in People Management Magazine in December 2023. This demonstrates on ongoing commitment to impact and high-quality research output. 
Working Mothers and Wellness - Get Involved Project 
I successfully secured £6,600 of funding from the Plymouth “Get Involved” Awards to partner with CIC, Pillars of Wellness, exploring the wellness experiences of working mothers. Data were collected in Spring 2023 and analysed in Summer 2023.Follow-up data was  gathered in February 2024 and the output of this project will be a launch webinar and key stakeholders such as the Women and Work APPG, Working Families organisation and lobbying group ‘Pregnant then Screwed will be approached to take part in the launch webinar. 
Fathers in Prison Project – Due to start September 2024
I am currently going through the ethics process with the National Research Committee to undertake a qualitative study exploring prisoner fathers' experiences of managing caregiving and work before imprisonment, staying connected whilst in prison and intentions upon release. Findings from this research will be used to feed into academic and policy debates about the experiences of this grouping and provide recommendations to improve the prison experience for fathers and the challenging process of resettlement for prisoner fathers. 
I have securing funding from the British Academy for this project.
This project has involved working closely with staff at the chosen site, Parc Prison in Wales, specifically, with the Head of Rehabilitation and the Family Unit to explore the feasibility of the project and maximise its usefulness. Parc Prison have fully endorsed the research. I have established an international collaboration for this project with Associate Professor Marc Grau Grau from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and after ethical approval has been obtained we will embark on a collaborative project, comparing the experiences of imprisoned fathers in Spain and the UK. T

Other research

Fatherhood Forfeit Research (see above for full details)

I completed my Doctorate in Philosophy entitled “Fathers at Work: Challenges and Stereotypes Facing Fathers with Caregiving Responsibilities in Employment” in March 2019.  I have published work from this research in the Gender, Work & Organization journal. Based on this work I have been chosen by my Faculty to undertake ‘Fast Impact’ Training as I have been identified as having the potential to produce an Impact Case Study for the next REF. This has included tailored coaching and support to help me develop the case study. In addition, in 2022 I won a Faculty Impact Prize for ‘Outstanding Impact’ in the Health and Wellbeing Category

Parents During the Pandemic 

I lead a project exploring the experiences of parents during the Covid lockdowns, with a focus on how they managed the boundaries between work and home during this period. This involved the management of a research team comprising myself, Dr Laura Radcliffe (University of Liverpool) and two PhD students. As lead author I obtained internal research funding to support data collection and analysis, divided up the tasks, kept in regular contact with all authors, ensured all authors were clear on their roles and completing tasks effectively and provided support and guidance where necessary to the less experienced members of the team.
The project resulted in a journal article being submitted to Applied Psychology (3*) and is currently under review 

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

I have supervised two students to completion. 

Grants & contracts

Spring 2023 | J Kelland / Pillars of Wellness  | Get involved Awards  | Working mothers and Wellness | £6,600.23 
 -Summer 2023 | J Kelland | University of Plymouth -  Impact Acceleration Funding approved by James Daybell  | Impact of Fatherhood forfeits (Website and Cultural Intelligence) | £5000 
 Spring 2023 | J Kelland  | R1 Funding |  Fatherhood Forfeits Post Covid  | £1168.27 
  Autumn 2023 |  J Kelland  | R1 Funding  | Funding for Conference Attendance - WFRN | £1540 
 2020 | J Kelland  | University of Plymouth – R1 Funding | Cavalier Caregiving Project- data analysis and conference attendance   | 2,500 
 2021 | J Kelland  | University of Plymouth – R1 Funding | Boundary Management During Covid Project – data analysis and conference attendance | £3,850  
External Grant Applications and Awards
 Spring 2024 | J Kelland  | British Academy ECR Leverhulme | Prisoner fathers' experiences of managing caregiving and work before imprisonment, staying connected when in prison and reality  upon release. | £10,000 |
  Autumn 2023 | J Kelland, C Brewer, T Cowan | Leverhulme  | Explore the experiences of caregiving fathers in primary school setting, with focus on the presence ‘fatherhood forfeits’ | 63,158.69 | Yes  | Under review 
  Autumn 2022 | J Kelland  | ESRC | An event for working parents to promote the fatherhood forfeits research and to explore how working parents can overcome the challenges faced   | £600 


Conference Papers
 Kelland, J., Radcliffe, L., Williams., and Gregory-Chialton, “Synergistic or Siloed? The communicative practices involved in dual-earner coupled parents” (Submitted to Work Family Network Conference- 2024) 
Kelland, J. Deahan, D. “Caregiving Fathers Experiences Post Covid- “it’s a little bit of a kick in the face” (Submitted to Work Family Network Conference- 2024)
 Kelland, J., Searle, N., and Brown. ,A  (2022), “Fathers-Forfeits, Deficits and Disregarding Discourse (ESFR, Copenhagen, 2023) “Paternity and the pandemic- all change or business as usual” (ESPnet, Vienna,2022) 
Kelland, J., Radcliffe, L., Williams., and Gregory-Chialton , (2022), “An exploration of the gendered experience of the dissolution of traditional work and family borders of UK couples during the Covid 19 Lockdown -  ‘Segmentation Silos’ ‘ and ‘Third Shifts’” (Work and Family Researchers Network Conference in NYC 2022) 
Kelland, J.,(2018)“Is Daddy Day-care all it is cracked up to be? -Caregiving Fathers and the ‘Fatherhood Forfeit”, Work and Family Researchers Conference in (Washington, June 2018)  
Kelland, J., (2017), “Daddy Day-care- Caregiving Fathers, ‘fatherhood forfeits’ and the ‘paternal perimeter”, CIPD Applied Research Conference, December 2017, Scotland Kelland, J., (2016),“Gender Role Stereotypes in Selection- A Exploration of the Potential Reversal of the Fatherhood Benefit and Motherhood Penalty in Selection Decision Making by UK Managers”, ,Work Family Researchers Network Conference  (Washington, June 2016 ) 
Kelland, J., (2016), “Fatherhood Forfeits’ and ‘Motherhood Penalties’ – An Exploration of UK management selection decision making of parent applicants”, CIPD Applied Research Conference (London , December 2016) 
Additional conference contributions 
“Implications of the Gender Pay Gap”, CIPD South West Branch conference, (Cornwall, October 2016) ·  
   -  I took part in an Author meets Reader event at the Work Family Researchers Network Conference in NYC (June, 2022) which included discussing key findings with other international academics ·       
 - I have been accepted to be part of  in a  Future of Fatherhood Panel Session alongside Professor Richard Petts, Ball State University, Professor Brad Harrington , Boston College - Center for Work & Family, Associate Professor Marc Grau Grau, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya  and Professor Margaret O’Brien, University of London and Fatima Suarez, University of Nevada (submitted) ·        
-I have presented key findings at the Annual Conference of the Employment Law Exchange in London which comprised largely HR Directors. ·          
-I  Undertook a book talk as part of the USA-based Mindful Return company’s Book Talk Series (2022) (https://www.mindfulreturn.com/reading/Webinar)  

Kelland,J., Lewis, D,.Fisher., 2022. Viewed with Suspicion, Considered Idle and Mocked- Working Caregiving Fathers and Fatherhood Forfeits”,Gender, Work & Organization

Hennekam, S., Kelland, J. and Dumazert, J.P., 2022. Paternal supervisor gatekeeping: How supervising fathers hinder other fathers at work in their uptake of flexible work arrangements. Gender, Work & Organization. (3*) https://doi.org/10.1111/gwao.12904

· I have secured a publishing contract with Palgrave Macmillan for a book entitled “Caregiving Fathers in the Workplace” due for publication in January 2021

Internet Publications
Online Publications

·         People Management Magazine (2022) https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk/article/1787156/workplaces-support-caregiving-fathers

·         People Management Magazine (2022) Book Review https://www.cipd.co.uk/Images/pm-magazine-june-2022_tcm18-109702.pdf

“Fatherhood Forfeits Post-COVID” Report – November, 2023 (htttps://www.fatherhoodforfeits.com) 

“Fatherhood Forfeits’ and ‘Motherhood Penalties’ – An Exploration of UK management selection decision making of parent applicants” , (2016) https://www.cipd.co.uk/Images/fatherhood-forfeits-and-motherhood-penalties_2016-an-exploration-of-uk-management-selection-decision-making-on-parent-applicants_tcm18-20005.pdf 
 “Employment-related barriers to fathers sharing caring roles more equally and social or attitudinal barriers to fathers in the workplace which need to be challenged?” (2017) published online by the House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee. http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/committeeevidence.svc/evidencedocument/women-and-equalities-committee/fathers-and-the-workplace/written/47587.html ·      
   “Barriers to Women Achieving Senior Positions – The Role of Gender Role Stereotyping and the Recruitment of Executive Women” (2016) published online by the House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee. http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/committeeevidence.svc/evidencedocument/women-and-equalities-committee/women-in-executive-management/written/32497.html 
        “Exploring the impact of gender stereotyping on the Gender Pay Gap in the UK” (2016) published online by the House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee. My research was also referred to in the final report. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201516/cmselect/cmwomeq/584/584.pdf ·        
 Final Report of The House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee enquiry into ‘Fathers in the Workplace’, referred to my findings and my recommendations were incorporated(March, 2019) https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201719/cmselect/cmwomeq/358/358.pdf 
Government Publications - Boundary Management during Covid  ·        
 Submitted evidence based on my research findings to the Women and Work All Party Parliamentary Group (13/12/22) ·   
 Submitted evidence to the Women in Work APPG and House of Lords “Long Term Implications of Covid-19” Committee (July, 2020); https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/9853/html/

Other Publications
  Public Appearances (research-related only) Fatherhood Forfeit Research  ·    
     I have discussed my research on the experiences of caregiving fathers in a debate on Sky News (March, 2021 and Feb 2024) ·     
    I am a regular contributor to BBC Radio Devon on a 3-monthly rolling basis on issues related to fatherhood and I have been interviewed about my research over 5 times (most recently in December 2024).
 Boundary Management During Covid ·        
 Heart FM (2021) discussing the experiences of fathers during the pandemic 
 ·         Interviewed by Times Radio on the Mariella Frostrop show about stay at home dads (January, 2023) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/radio/show/20230104-19850/2023-01-04 (1.36-1.46) ·       
  I have been interviewed on the ‘LinkedIn’ Live event 15th March 2021 and 3rd June 2023, discussing my research into the experiences of caregiving fathers at work  Boundary Management During Covid Research ·         
 Co-author of a blog published online by the BMJ Global Health https://blogs.bmj.com/bmjgh/2021/04/24/men-and-covid-19/.

 Citations Citations of Fatherhood Forfeit Research  
Research referenced in the “Cash and Carry- Fathers Combining Work and Care in the UK” report (December, 2017) by The Fatherhood Institute; http://www.fatherhoodinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Cash-and-carry-Full-Report-oi89PDF.pdf 
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CIPD Organisational Behaviour Adviser Jonny Gifford directly referenced my research in a 2017 blog post http://www2.cipd.co.uk/community/blogs/b/research-blog/archive/2017/06/13/where-s-mum-you-lazy 
National press coverage of Fatherhood Forfeit research ·        
 The Guardian (2017) https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/nov/21/the-masculine-mystique-why-men-cant-ditch-the-baggage-of-being-a-bloke ·        
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 Financial times (2023) https://www.ft.com/content/1d0357e5-6f44-47de-867a-9e6772a59da8
‘Boundary Management During Covid’ Research
Findings have been cited both in national and local press; ·     


Reports & invited lectures

I have presented my fatherhood forfeit research in a wide range of arenas-
· Sky News
· Webinars - Working Families and CIPD
· Across Party Policy Group of the Government Fatherhood Group (Nov, 2018)
· Fatherhood Network Scotland as part of the launch event for their #dadup campaign - http://www.fathersnetwork.org.uk/how-employers-can-dadup
· Numerous organisations such as Rolls Royce, Plymouth University Womens Network, Plymouth Business Womens Network and the Working Families Annual conference in Canary Wharf to over 100 senior executives (May, 2018).
· I presented via webinar to the Women In Aerospace Group. (July, 2019) https://zoom.us/recording/play/HsVzx6zZuf4aNX11M2iiFiES0JWhMoM-Q-A-3hXPs0yS7c6SM47MwCD37YSrLhXy?continueMode=true
· Plymouth Women in Business Network International Mens Day Conference attended by over 300 individuals